In case of ischemic heart disease, relevant treatment should be carried out as soon as possible, otherwise there will be the risk of sudden death

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Human organs will gradually age with the growth of human age, resulting in a variety of diseases. As an acquired heart disease, ischemic heart disease mostly occurs in the middle-aged and elderly. The heart plays an important role in human normal activities and life and health. When the damage of heart organs is serious, it can directly endanger life. How serious is ischemic heart disease? How to deal with ischemic heart disease?


1、 Ischemic heart disease


Coronary heart disease, which is often said in daily life, is a kind of ischemic heart disease, but ischemic heart disease is not directly equivalent to coronary heart disease. Ischemic heart disease is a common myocardial damage, which is mainly caused by the disease of coronary artery, that is, the change of coronary circulation. The common is coronary arteriosclerosis, that is, coronary heart disease. In addition, it also includes other diseases of coronary artery, such as inflammation, aneurysm, metabolic diseases, etc.


ischemic heart disease


2、 Clinical manifestations of ischemic heart disease


The typical symptoms of ischemic heart disease are as follows:


1,Chest pain and tightness. Sudden pre cardiac pain caused by external factors such as climate, pressure and heavy objects is mostly colic. In severe cases, it will be radioactive pain and spread to the upper limbs of the human body, and sometimes even sudden pain during rest.


2,Palpitation, fatigue, fever, nausea, vomiting, panic, etc.


3、 Treatment of ischemic heart disease


Ischemic heart disease is an extremely serious heart disease. If we do not take timely and effective treatment, it is likely to lead to sudden death. There are two main treatments for ischemic heart disease:


1,Medical treatment: medical treatment mainly uses drugs to reduce the blood lipid content in patients, control the colic feeling in the heart and inhibit the aggregation of platelets in the heart blood. Commonly used drugs include betahistine hydrochloride sodium chloride injection, dipyridamole tablets, niacin injection, sodium ferulate for injection, etc. In addition, patients should also adjust their diet, adjust their mental status and better cooperate with treatment.


2,Surgical treatment: surgical treatment, including transplantation, heart bypass surgery, etc.


It should be clear that patients with ischemic heart disease should pay enough attention. Once the disease is identified, relevant treatment should be carried out as soon as possible. If the treatment is not timely, it will lead to further deterioration of the condition and even sudden death of the patient. For people who are not ill, they should also adjust their bad living habits to prevent premature heart failure.


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