Methods of preventing childhood asthma

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When enjoying the warm sunshine in spring, don’t forget that there are also various allergens. Now this time is the high incidence period of childhood asthma, so parents should take more care of their children and prevent childhood asthma.


Spring is the season when children are most likely to suffer from various diseases, the first of which is asthma. Many parents are particularly nervous when they arrive. When they can’t know the allergens, asthma makes them impossible to prevent. Experts say mites, indoor dust, cotton wool, mold, smoke and pollen are the main causes of childhood asthma.


Allergic source of asthma in children


The allergens of asthma are complex and difficult to detect, because many parents worry that even if they are careful at home, once their children arrive at school, they will not be able to prevent those unknown allergens. The survey found that the six allergens causing asthma in asthmatic children were mites, indoor dust, cotton wool, mold, smoke and pollen.


Among them, mites are the most common allergens causing asthma attacks. “These mites are hidden in children’s clothes, bedding and even toys. If they are accidentally touched, they will cause asthma attacks.” The doctor said that as long as the child is carefully observed, if he encounters those objects and has symptoms, it means that it contains something that may cause his illness.


How to prevent childhood asthma?


How to prevent childhood asthma


The onset of asthma is largely due to climate. When the weather gets warmer, the temperature difference between day and night is large, it is easy to catch a cold, all kinds of flowers bloom in spring, the content of allergens in the air increases, and so on.


Therefore, parents should pay attention to keeping their children warm at this time, avoid going to crowded places and reduce the probability of cross infection. Children’s personal items, such as clothes and quilts, should be washed and changed frequently. Experts specially remind that since pollen is also one of the main killers causing children’s asthma attacks, families who like to raise some flowers and plants should pay special attention. Parents had better wait for spring before planting flowers and plants. Doctors suggest that outdoor activities should be appropriately reduced at the peak of the disease. We must find out the exact allergens and avoid or control the allergens and trigger factors of asthma. It is not only an important means to prevent and treat asthma, but also an important content of our own scientific management.


Dress appropriately. As the saying goes: spring covers autumn, it makes sense. Pay attention to keep warm in spring, avoid catching cold and cold air stimulation to induce asthma.


The access place shall be appropriate. Spring is the high incidence period of upper respiratory tract infection. In order to avoid cross infection, children with asthma should try not to go to places where people gather, such as shops, cinemas and various parties. Children who are allergic to pollen and plants should not go to the garden or botanical garden. Those with serious pollen allergy can consider prevention in other places.


Go out at the right time. During the day, midday and afternoon are the time when the concentration of pollen in the air is high. At this time, you should try to reduce going out as much as possible. In areas with large sandstorms, pay attention to the weather conditions when traveling, and reduce going out when it is windy to avoid the stimulation of dust and cold air.


The living environment should be suitable. The indoor of children with asthma should be kept warm and dry, the indoor furnishings should be simple and clean, pay attention to ventilation and light transmission, and the bedding should be washed and dried frequently to reduce the breeding of dust mites and molds. If the room is newly decorated, it must be ventilated for more than two months.


Spring is a high stage of various allergic diseases, so parents of babies with allergic constitution should try to keep them away from allergens and prevent childhood asthma.

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