People with nephritis may have these five manifestations. You can find them by careful observation. Take a look

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Kidney is one of the most important organs of human body. It not only maintains the stability of human internal environment, but also maintains the normal operation of human metabolism. In recent years, due to the increasing pressure of people’s life, unhealthy diet and irregular work and rest, the incidence of nephritis is getting higher and higher.


Nephritis is a very common kidney disease, which can directly affect the metabolic problems of patients. Light cases can reduce the quality of life of patients, and serious cases can endanger the lives of patients. Therefore, early detection and treatment of nephritis is a key thing.


However, many people do not understand the early symptoms of nephritis. When nephritis occurs, they ignore the early symptoms of nephritis, miss the best treatment opportunity, increase the difficulty of treatment, and regret it. So, today let’s learn about the early symptoms of nephritis. Generally speaking, people with nephritis may have these five manifestations. You can find them by careful observation. Take a look.





If you find that your upper eyelids, face and lower limbs are edematous, press it gently with your fingers, there will be depression, and the sunken fossa will not recover for a long time, which is likely to be caused by nephritis. You should go to the hospital for examination in time.



If you find yourself urinating, the naked eye can see that the urine is blood red, like “meat washing water”, and you can even see blood clots. This situation is “naked eye hematuria”. In this case, we should be vigilant against nephritis.



The first symptom of many nephritis patients is hypertension, so if there is no hypertension, the symptoms of hypertension suddenly appear, and continue to rise without a downward trend, then you should go to a regular hospital for examination early to eliminate the possibility of nephritis. According to the survey, 60% of glomerulonephritis will have the symptoms of hypertension.


Urine volume change

If you find that your urine is much more than usual, especially at night, you usually don’t get up to urinate at night, but now you get up 2-3 times or more every night, you should be vigilant that it is caused by nephritis.



If you get nephritis, you will also have anemia symptoms. This is the reduction of erythropoietin secreted by the kidney, resulting in the disorder of erythropoiesis, which will lead to anemia, also known as renal anemia. Specifically, you will show physical fatigue, fatigue and loss of appetite.


In short, if you get nephritis, the body will not lie. If there are these five signals, it may be that the kidney is “asking for help”. You should go to a regular hospital in time. If you unfortunately suffer from nephritis, don’t worry too much, because nephritis is not a difficult and miscellaneous disease. As long as you actively treat it, you can avoid aggravation or even cure it. However, we should pay attention to the nursing in daily life, such as diet, work and rest, exercise, etc.

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