Pfizer’s new crown vaccine has been fully approved. Biden: it’s time to get vaccinated

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On the 23rd, the US Food and Drug Administration officially approved the use of Pfizer new crown vaccine in people aged 16 and over.


Woodcock, acting director of the U.S. Food and drug administration, said that although the approval involves people aged 16 and over, according to the emergency use authorization, the vaccine can still be used for individuals aged 12 to 15, and provide a third dose for some individuals with low immune function.


So far, in addition to Pfizer vaccine being officially approved, the other two new crown vaccines, Modena and Johnson & Johnson vaccine, are still under emergency use authorization.


According to the data of the CDC, up to now, 360 million doses of vaccine have been vaccinated in the United States, 51.5% of the population have been vaccinated, and 60.7% of the population have been vaccinated at least one dose. The daily vaccination volume reached the bottom in July, with an average of only about 500000 doses per day, far lower than the peak of 3.4 million doses per day in mid April. With the proliferation of cases caused by delta variant, the vaccination volume increased again. From last Thursday to Saturday, the average daily vaccination volume was about 1 million doses.


A survey conducted by YouGov, a polling agency, at the end of last month found that 9% of adults who did not intend to be vaccinated said they would be vaccinated if the vaccine was officially approved, and 38% said they were not sure. Among the reasons given by respondents for not being vaccinated, “not officially approved” is the second largest reason.


Pfizer's new crown vaccine


After Pfizer’s new crown vaccine was approved for use in people aged 16 and over, US President Biden said: “if you haven’t been vaccinated, if you are one of millions of Americans who say ‘you won’t be vaccinated until the vaccine is fully and finally approved by the US Food and Drug Administration’, now the moment you’re waiting has come. It’s time to vaccinate. Go vaccinate today.”


The US Department of Defense announced earlier this month that it would require all active servicemen to be vaccinated after the new crown vaccine was officially approved.


The health department of New York City issued new regulations on the 23rd, forcing all public school staff to be vaccinated with the new crown vaccine. Classes will resume in New York City on September 13. The mayor of New York City said that the full approval of Pfizer vaccine will greatly boost the confidence of New York citizens in vaccination, and this new regulation has the full support of the teachers’ Union of New York City.


Earlier, Washington, Los Angeles and Chicago also announced mandatory vaccination requirements for teachers. At present, New York City has not disclosed how to deal with positive cases after class resumption, which worries parents and educators in New York City.

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