Precautions before Alzheimer’s treatment?

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Prevention of senile dementia


Due to the different causes of dementia, the prevention methods are also different, mainly in the following aspects:


1,Improve the working environment.


2,Avoid alcohol and quit smoking.


3,Dietary regulation: it is important for the elderly not only to prevent the increase of bile caused by high-fat food, but also to absorb necessary nutrients, such as protein, inorganic salts, amino acids and a variety of vitamins, especially vitamins B1, B2 and B6, vitamin C and vitamin E.


4,Keeping a happy spirit is conducive to longevity and mental health.


5,We should arrange life and study well: when we are old, we should adhere to learning new knowledge and maintain extensive contact with society.


6,Before retirement, we should make all preparations ideologically and materially. Rich life content and a wide range of interests and hobbies can promote mental activities and delay or reduce the process of aging.


7,Regular physical examination and early treatment of physical diseases should be carried out. We should not pay too much attention to or worry about our own body.


8,Regular outdoor activities: the elderly are suitable for more sustained and sports, such as walking, jogging, gymnastics, Taijiquan, Taijijian and traditional dance.


The treatment of ad is mainly the application of acetylcholinesterase (AChE), anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and other symptomatic drugs to temporarily alleviate the cognitive decline of patients.


Prevention of senile dementia


The Japanese Association for the prevention of dementia recently invited experts studying dementia medicine to draw up 10 tips for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease:


First, eat a balanced diet and avoid excessive intake of salt and animal fat. The daily intake of salt should be controlled below 10g, eat less animal fat and sugar, and have a balanced intake of protein, food fiber, vitamins and minerals.


Second, moderate exercise to maintain the strength of the waist and feet. Hand movement is also very important. Often doing some complex and exquisite handicrafts will promote the vitality of the brain. Cooking, keeping a diary, playing musical instruments, painting and so on can prevent dementia.


Third, avoid excessive drinking and smoking and live a regular life. Excessive drinking can lead to liver dysfunction and brain dysfunction. People who drink more than 0.3 liters a day are more likely to have cerebrovascular dementia than ordinary people. Smoking can not only cause cerebrovascular dementia, but also an important cause of dangerous diseases such as myocardial infarction.


Fourth, prevent lifestyle diseases such as arteriosclerosis, hypertension and obesity. Early detection and early treatment.


Fifth, be careful not to fall. Falling on the head will lead to dementia. The elderly should use crutches when necessary. Sixth, keeping a high degree of interest and curiosity in things can increase people’s attention and prevent memory loss. The elderly should do more interesting things and participate in public welfare activities and social activities to strengthen brain nerves.


Seventh, we should actively use the brain to prevent mental decline. Even when watching TV series, you can use your brain to express your feelings at any time. Reading, expressing experience, playing chess, keeping a diary, writing letters, etc. are all simple and helpful methods for brain power.


Eighth, pay attention to people at any time, maintain good interpersonal relationships and find their own survival value.


Ninth, keep a young heart and dress yourself appropriately.


Tenth, avoid being too deep, negative and sighing, and live in a cheerful mood. The elderly often have to face the loss of experience such as retirement and the death of friends. As a result, many people suffer from depression, reduce their immune function, lose appetite and physical strength, and even stay in bed for a long time.

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