Precautions before cervical pregnancy treatment?

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Prevention: the incidence of ectopic pregnancy has increased in recent years. This is an important topic in front of us. Although the exact cause of the disease is not very clear, many factors related to it are very clear. Reducing its high-risk factors can achieve the purpose of prevention.


1,We will strengthen publicity, education and social governance for the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.


2,Pelvic soft tissue infection should be treated as soon as possible and completely cured at one time.


3,It is very important to strictly abide by the operation routine and infection prevention measures when placing intrauterine devices and performing induced abortion.


 cervical pregnancy treatment


4,Actively treat endometriosis.


5,After using ovulation inducing drugs, ectopic pregnancy and compound pregnancy should be excluded in time when it is suspected of early pregnancy or after successful assisted pregnancy.


6,Publicize the harm of smoking and prohibit drug abuse.


7,Those who have performed curettage for many times should be vigilant when they are pregnant again, and check with B-ultrasound to see if the embryo “lives” in the palace. Once abnormalities are found, corresponding measures should be taken immediately.


8,Vaginal bleeding occurs after pregnancy. Don’t blindly confirm that it is an ordinary threatened abortion. You can’t go your own way. You must go to the hospital to find out, so as to avoid accidents.


9,To prevent the incidence of cervical pregnancy, we should pay attention to pre pregnancy physical examination. If there are the above congenital or pathological factors, we should treat them first and then get pregnant, which can reduce the risk of cervical pregnancy to a certain extent.


All women with a history of curettage and induced labor should pay attention to prenatal examination after pregnancy, especially when painless vaginal bleeding occurs at 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, they should go to a regular hospital for examination in time. Once the diagnosis of cervical pregnancy is clear, it is best to adopt methotrexate conservative treatment, which has a small risk and a good prognosis.

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