Precautions before stone treatment?

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Develop the habit of drinking more water:

Drinking more water can dilute urine, reduce the crystal concentration in urine and flush the urinary tract, which is conducive to preventing the formation of stones and promoting the excretion of urinary stones. Generally, drinking more than 2000 ml of boiled water or magnetized water every day is of certain significance to the prevention of stones.


Factors for relieving urinary tract obstruction:

Actively deal with urethral stricture and benign prostatic hyperplasia to relieve urinary tract obstruction.


Actively treat urinary tract infection.


Long term bedridden patients should be encouraged and helped to have more activities, so as to reduce bone decalcification and improve urinary flow.




Adjust urine pH:

According to the composition of uroliths, adjusting the pH of urine can prevent the recurrence of uroliths, such as the formation of urate and oxalate stones in acidic urine and the formation of phosphate and carbonate stones in alkaline urine.


Prevention and treatment of metabolic diseases, such as hyperthyroidism, should be treated with surgery.


Hepatolithiasis needs to start with dietary prevention:

(1) Regular eating (three meals a day) is the best way to prevent stones, because during fasting, the gallbladder is full of bile, and the gallbladder mucosa absorbs water to thicken the bile. At this time, bile / lecithin vesicles are easy to form, the viscosity of bile increases, and finally bile mud is formed.


(2) Choose a reasonable diet and avoid eating habits of high protein, high fat and high calories. Eat a diet rich in cellulose to improve the excretion of bile and prevent the formation of stones.


(3) Studies have shown that gallstone disease has a genetic tendency. Therefore, if there are gallstone patients in the family, we should pay more attention to a reasonable diet.

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