Precautions before treatment of pediatric asthma?

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Prevention of childhood asthma


It can promote blood circulation and metabolism, improve respiratory function, enhance muscle tension, and improve the adaptability of the body to changes in temperature and external environment. At the same time, it can promote appetite, maintain mental pleasure and improve the disease resistance of the body.


2,Reduce the mental stimulation and ideological burden of sick children

Asthma is also a psychosomatic disease. Because the onset of asthma is related to the excitability of the nervous system, medical staff must tell parents to give appropriate relationship to children, but they should avoid excessive favor and accommodation. Under the supervision of certain medical personnel, encourage them to participate in more collective activities and learn self-management.


Prevention of childhood asthma


3,Identify predisposing factors and avoid exposure to allergens

We should try our best to avoid contact with known allergens and deal with them in time. Aspirin and other drugs can improve the environment or local life if conditions permit.


Pay attention to the prevention of respiratory tract infection, eliminate the focus, and avoid overwork, rain, running and mental and emotional stimulation.


4,Prevent virus infection

Preventing viral respiratory tract infection, especially RSV infection, can reduce the attack of asthma in children.


(1) Disease resistance:

① Interferon aerosol: prevent and treat viral respiratory tract infection, so as to prevent and treat asthma. Disadvantages: the source is difficult, the price is expensive, and the longer the course of treatment, the more side effects;


② Virazole aerosol: drop from the nose or inhale with aerosol, 2 ~ 3 times a day.


(2) Stable cell membrane |:

By stabilizing the mast cell membrane and inhibiting mast cell degranulation, the release of chemical mediators is prevented.


① Sodium glycolate:

Preventive drugs are preferred.

Apply half powder 20mg to the inhaler, 3~4 times a day. Generally, it can take effect after 2 ~ 4 weeks, and the course of treatment is 4 ~ 6 months.

matters needing attention:

Not absorbed in the intestine. It has no bronchodilator effect and has no effect on acute attack.

Individual children can induce bronchial asthma after inhalation.


② Ketotifen

Suitable for all types of asthma.

The dose is 0.08 ~ 0.12mg/kg/d for at least 6 ~ 12 months.

Features: it can be taken orally, and the bronchodilation effect is not strong.

Side effects: drowsiness, dizziness, sleepiness, etc.



(1) Nonspecific immunotherapy: thymosin, inactivated BCG vaccine, tracheitis vaccine, nuclear cheese, measles vaccine, placental lipopolysaccharide, etc.


Objective: to stimulate the immune function, enhance lymphocyte proliferation and produce nonspecific IgG, so as to improve the immune function of patients.


(2) Specific desensitization therapy:

It is suitable for exogenous asthma.

Use small doses of allergens that cause allergic reactions, gradually increase the concentration, and reduce the body reactive IgE, so as to achieve etiological treatment and prevention.


Characteristics: it should be persisted for 2 ~ 3 years, and the curative effect is better for patients with single allergen allergy.


(3) Shu solution:

It is an immune promoter and regulator, and its main component is sodium carboxymethyl starch.

Mechanism: it can improve cellular and humoral immune function and increase body resistance in children with recurrent respiratory tract infection and asthma.

Usage: 22.5% Shu solution 1 ~ 4 years old 7ml / time, ~ 7 years old 10ml, ~ 14 years old 15ml, 3 times a day, 3 ~ 6 months as a course of treatment.

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