Prevent osteoporosis! 4 signs in the body, timely calcium supplementation

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Osteoporosis is a systemic metabolic disease caused by the destruction of bone tissue microstructure, massive loss of bone mass in the body and increased bone fragility. In the early stage of the disease, patients do not have obvious symptoms, and if they are not treated and adjusted early, it will lead to easy fracture, hunchback and deformation, which is very dangerous to health.


Therefore, in daily life, once osteoporosis symptoms are detected, it must be treated quickly. The following is a detailed description of the symptoms of osteoporosis, which will appear in the body, let’s understand it. What are the symptoms of osteoporosis?


1,Inexplicable weakness

In the early stage of osteoporosis, the patient will appear the body is easily tired, especially the body’s weight-bearing capacity will rapidly decline, and even the phenomenon of unable to bear weight. For example, when lifting heavy objects, the patient’s body may not be able to withstand the energy of these objects. Physical strength decreases very quickly, and after doing some housework or light exercise, weakness and fatigue of the limbs will be obvious.


2,Recurrent bone pain

The bone pain is especially noticeable in the patient’s lower back and back. These pains do not have any fixed point and present diffuse bone pain. This bone pain is especially obvious when the patient’s posture changes, or when walking for a long time, or when the body is slightly weighted, or when sleeping flat at night for a long time.


If the symptoms of osteoporosis are more severe, pain may occur in any joint part of the patient’s body, resulting in a certain restriction of the patient’s activities.




3,Spinal deformation

Generally speaking, in the early stages of osteoporosis, the patient’s spine is not usually deformed. However, with the gradual development of the disease, the microstructure of the patient’s bone tissue will be severely damaged, and compression fractures of the vertebrae will occur, which will make the patient shorter in height, and there will be a very obvious spinal deformity such as hunchback.


Compression fractures of the lumbar spine can lead to a series of involvement of the abdominal organs of the patient, causing recurrent abdominal distension or constipation. In severe cases, the patient’s heart and lung function may even be affected, resulting in a series of heart and lung discomfort symptoms.


4,Easy to fracture

Especially for some elderly patients with osteoporosis, the probability of fracture is particularly high. Because of osteoporosis, the patient’s bone destruction rate will be very fast, making the bone density decreased, bone quality will also decline, the brittleness of the bones will increase, it is easy to cause fractures because of some minor external force.


For example, when sneezing or squatting and standing up, it is easy to cause fracture. In particular, the probability of fracture is very high in the thoracolumbar spine, distal forearm, hip bone, ribs, pelvis, etc.


In conclusion, if the above four symptoms occur repeatedly in daily life, it is usually due to the occurrence of osteoporosis. Then the patient must go to the regular hospital for the appropriate examination quickly, and then according to the cause of osteoporosis, as well as the degree of osteoporosis, take the appropriate drugs for treatment.


In addition, the patient must do a good job of dietary adjustment, three meals a day must be diversified, especially the food rich in various vitamins, high quality protein and calcium, should be appropriate to eat more. They should also receive proper sunlight and exercise according to their own physical condition every day, which can reduce the effect of osteoporosis.

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