Psychiatry is the place for “crazy people”? Seek medical attention when these conditions arise

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A patient asked: I may be suffering from postpartum depression. Because I just gave birth, my mood is very bad, I have insomnia and little food, I cry sometimes, and I even have thoughts of dying. But I still have a hard time. Under what circumstances should I go to a psychiatric clinic?


The head nurse of the psychiatric department said that many patients or family members are reluctant to go to the psychiatric department because they think it is a place where only “crazy people” go, and they feel that they will be looked down upon if they have mental problems. In fact, psychiatry is the most humane discipline, from the psychiatric level to focus on the patient’s professional.


Patients with the following six conditions and have affected social functions such as daily life, interpersonal communication, work and study, etc., may need to go to the psychiatric department of the hospital for timely consultation.


Disorders of thinking. When the patient has problems with thinking and logic, speaks in a different way, or is sensitive and suspicious, suspecting for no reason that he or she is being framed or stalked, suspecting that family, friends, colleagues or even strangers are trying to do something wrong to him or her, becoming very vigilant and defensive, and in some cases even calling the police.


Of course, there are also mild thinking problems, such as repeatedly thinking about a small matter, and obsessing about it, which may be compulsive thinking and require psychiatric consultation.




Emotional changes. For example, frequent emotional instability, irritability, temper tantrums, worrying all day long for no reason, fidgeting, worrying about future events or impossible events. Or it may show as continuous inexplicable giddiness and cheerfulness, or it may show as long time depressed mood, can’t take interest in anything, can’t feel the taste of happiness.


Sudden change of personality. For example, an introverted person becomes enthusiastic about dealing with people, making friends and having high energy. Or an extroverted and lively personality suddenly becomes introverted and withdrawn, preferring to be alone, unwilling to communicate with others, gradually unkempt, or even some odd words and actions, also need to seek timely psychiatric consultation.


Repeated physical discomfort. For example, inexplicable gastrointestinal discomfort, heartburn, shortness of breath or even difficulty breathing, physical pain, such as headache, back pain, stomach pain, pain around the body or even wandering pain, but repeated tests in large hospitals can not find the problem, then you need to go to the regular psychiatric department to further diagnose whether it is a psychiatric problem.


Change or disorder of behavior. If a person who used to love cleanliness suddenly becomes unkempt; if a person who is usually polite suddenly behaves rudely and impulsively, or even hurts others; if a person laughs to himself or shows some strange behavior that is incomprehensible, it is necessary to consult a psychiatrist as soon as possible.


Sleep problems. For example, there is a decrease in sleep duration, a decrease in sleep quality, early awakening, and difficulty falling asleep.


In recent years, mental health has attracted more and more attention from the national government and society at large, and the medical status quo of “treatment over prevention” is slowly changing, with mental health promotion and maintenance gradually becoming the scope of psychiatric work.

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