Stomatology: How to choose the material for filling teeth?

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StomatologyOnce the tooth is decayed, the teeth will be painful and need to be filled in time. However, we should choose the right material for the filling. Henghao dental filling materials are numerous, which can meet the needs of different patients. Patients can choose suitable materials according to their own requirements to better restore dental health.


What filling material does oral cavity have?


Dental surgeon said: dental fillings used in the early days was silver amalgam, later with the development of research, glass ion began to be widely used in clinical, and then later composite resin, nanoresin. Currently, nanoresins are widely used, which are favored by dentists and patients because of their natural color and closeness to real teeth. However, different materials will always be different, so it is important to choose the right filling material for yourself to have a good effect.




How should patients choose their own appropriate?


In fact, in the choice of dental materials, we can choose according to the following four angles: price, safety, overall superior.


From the price point of view, of the four materials, the less expensive is the silver amalgam material, and the silver amalgam is used for a long time, strong wear;

In terms of dental care, glass ions are a good choice. Glass ions contain fluoride, which is slowly released after filling to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities.

If you want to molar less, you can choose composite resin, it does not need to wear away the excess tooth tissue, has a better filling effect.

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