The director of pediatrics calls: autumn is the “golden” stage of growth, adhere to 3 things to help grow taller

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With the continuous development of living standards, children can eat more and more food, which seems to be happier, but at the same time also brings a lot of health problems, such as accumulation of food. If a child has a long-term food accumulation, not only will his spleen and stomach problems, but his height will also be affected.


The director of pediatrics told us that the spleen and stomach is crucial in the development of children, girls develop earlier than boys, so it is more important to pay attention to the maintenance of the spleen and stomach, to prevent children from accumulating food spleen and stomach poor, so that children can grow taller.


The child accumulation of food spleen deficiency, there will generally be 3 kinds of performance.




1, bad breath


Healthy children generally do not have bad breath, because the digestion of the child’s gastrointestinal system is very fast, only the spleen and stomach problems, the child will have bad breath.


2, sleeping night sweats


If a child sleeps with a head full of sweat and clothes can be wet, it is to remind parents that the child’s spleen and stomach is deficient. Parents should then pay attention to diet and help the child to nourish the spleen and stomach.


3, Picky eating


When a large amount of food accumulates in the stomach and is not digested, the child’s appetite will naturally decline, which will then show the phenomenon of picky eating.


keep enough sleep


Because if the child is in deep sleep, then the body will automatically secrete a growth hormone, so if you want your child to grow taller, then the first thing you need to do is to maintain adequate sleep time. So parents should give their children the habit of going to bed early and getting up early, so that when it’s time to go to bed, children can have their own consciousness, so they can have a good sleep quality and sleep time.


More exercise


Now the competitive pressure, children in addition to daily classes and homework, but also to a variety of remedial classes and interest classes, exercise time is very little, bone development is slow, food can not be well digested. Therefore, parents must let their children go out more sports, often do some simple stretching exercises, such as playing basketball, jumping rope, etc., are simple, growth-supporting exercise, can speed up the digestion of the stomach and intestines, so that children’s resistance to enhance.


Keep a balanced diet


Diet has a great impact on the spleen and stomach, so if you want to help your child develop a good spleen and stomach, parents should develop a reasonable diet for your child, with a good mix of meat and vegetables at three meals a day to maintain a balance of all kinds of nutrients, and don’t let your child eat too much, seven minutes full is appropriate.


In addition, if you want your child to have a good spleen and stomach and be tall, parents should also urge your child to go to bed early. Only by getting enough sleep can your child secrete enough growth hormones to promote growth. In addition, parents can also be appropriate for the child calcium, a glass of pure milk in the morning and evening, but also help children’s development.

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