The distinction of melancholia and depression, what do melancholia and depression have to differ?

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Many people confuse depression with depression, but there are many differences between the two conditions, so treatment is different. Their clinical manifestations are different, and the stratification of symptoms is also different, depression on their work and life is not particularly big, but many patients with depression, is unable to work and normal life.


Now because of the increase of life pressure and work pressure, also led to the generation of patients with all kinds of mental pressure, like depression and hypochondria is the disease caused by mental pressure, although very similar between the two, but there are a lot of essential difference. Let’s understand together, what are the differences between depression and depression?




Depression is a traditional term that is often used to describe someone who is unhappy or unhappy. And the symptoms of depression, is often used on medical terms, performance in patients with depression, is a significant and lasting low mood, as the main symptoms, there are a lot of the patient’s clinical manifestations, can be from blue state to a state of grief, and many of the patients with recurrent a tendency, every time a seizure, Most patients can get relief after taking the drug, but some patients will have residual symptoms, or become a chronic psychiatric disorder. And depression is a simple expression for the mood is not happy.


There is no stratification of depression, just symptoms of pure depression. But depression is different, according to patients’ symptoms, it is the number and types of which kind of, the condition of stratified, divided into mild disease, moderate disease, severe symptoms of depression, of course, these conditions the different layers, the difference is depended on the patients of complicated judging clinical judgment, including the daily life of the patients, And their own social activities. , such as patients with mild and moderate patients is not hallucinations, delusions, but the patient will often accompanied by abnormal body symptoms, social aspects of their work, and activities will have different degree of difficulty, but severe patients with depression, is different, they will be associated with psychotic symptoms.


Patients with depression, although there are abnormalities above the body and mind, but it will not affect their lives. But the patients with depression, is the most common depression disorder, this situation will lead to their work and life, are affected to varying degrees, even can not participate in the work, can not live a good life. The patient’s brain is often very slow, so the patient can not live and work normally.

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