The five stages of kidney disease

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Kidney disease generally refers to chronic kidney disease, which is a kind of kidney damage or decline in kidney function caused by various reasons. Usually these phenomena can be diagnosed only after more than three months. This disease usually starts slowly, but the course of the disease is relatively long, according to the symptoms and some biochemical indicators, the whole disease cycle can be divided into i-V five stages.


The five stages of kidney disease:

1, the phase I

Stage I belongs to the early stage of renal disease, at this time, patients can not have any obvious symptoms, a small number of patients will feel slight waist pain, the glomerular filtration rate will show normal or not significantly increased, the value is generally more than 90.


2, the phase II

Patients with stage II kidney disease will often feel soft waist, accompanied by fatigue and increased appetite, and some will also show local edema. At this time, the glomerular filtration rate will be slightly lower than the normal level, and the value will maintain between 60 and 89.


five stages of kidney disease


3, the phase III

If the patient develops nocturia, nausea, vomiting, even mild anemia and severe edema in addition to the stage I and II symptoms, and the glomerular filtration rate drops to the range of 30-59, the patient is in stage III.


4, the phase IV

When the disease progresses to stage IV, the kidney damage of the patient is already serious, and the patient will show drowsiness, muscle twitching, itching of the skin, chest tightness or gastrointestinal bleeding and other symptoms, and the glomerular filtration rate is only 15-29.


5,the phase V

Stage V of kidney disease is also the end stage, at this time, the patient’s kidney has basically lost all functions, will continue to appear gastrointestinal bleeding, trance, muscle weakness, and even induce heart failure and other problems, this is the glomerular filtration rate value is less than 15, must rely on hemodialysis to maintain life.


Kidney disease as a chronic disease, although the illness development is slow, but will continue to cause harm to human body, so must be immediately after confirmed by medical means to control the disease, in patients with stage I – III of, mainly treated by medicine and adjust the way of life, and for patients with stage IV and V, necessary need to accept a kidney transplant.

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