The small meat grains growing out of the neck and armpit are neither painful nor itchy. What is it? What should I do?

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Under normal circumstances, few people pay attention to the position of neck and armpit. Even if they have to wash their face every day, few people will care about their neck. Unless they take a bath, they will pay attention to whether there is dirt to be removed. Maybe some people find some problems at this time. For example, small meat particles will appear inexplicably in the neck and armpit, and they don’t feel anything, Even if you feel uncomfortable, you will also worry about physical problems.


1,Skin neoplasms on the skin


Dermatophytes are actually some proliferative tissues on the skin. They are normal skin problems. They usually show flesh like bumps, which are not easy to produce abnormal feelings. Moreover, they feel soft, not hard bumps. They may be different in color, but there is no need to worry. As long as they do not change suddenly, Basically, it has no impact on health, but if there are changes, you should pay more attention and get medical examination in time to prevent malignant changes in pimples.


2,Another skin problem – fat particles


The appearance of fat particles is not difficult to explain. Most of the formation of fat particles is due to too much fat in the body, resulting in the formation of fat particles in the skin during metabolism. There is no need to worry about this kind of skin problem, which has little impact on health. If you want to improve the situation, you should adjust the fat density in the body and control the body mass, especially the obese people, There are also some people who eat irregularly for a long time. They should also pay attention to correcting their eating habits.


3,Disease is making trouble


hair follicle inflammation


When the skin or hair follicle is inflamed, it is easy to bring adverse effects to the skin. After the skin is infected or stimulated, it will damage the skin tissue, and it is possible to grow small meat particles. In this case, it is necessary to improve the problem in time, so as not to bring more problems to the skin and hair follicle.


In addition to skin or hair follicle inflammation, there may also be lesions in lymph organs, such as lymph nodes. In the early stage of lymph node occurrence, it may be just some small meat particles, which are not painful or itchy to touch, and the meat particles are soft and active. In this case, it can not be ignored. First, determine whether the lymph nodes belong to a good situation. If it is found that the lymph nodes become hard, the size quickly improves, and there is a feeling of pain, we should deal with it earlier.


There is also a disease that may cause long meat particles in the neck and armpit. This disease is acanthosis nigricans. Most of the causes of this disease are benign or malignant tumors in the internal organs. If it is found that the armpit and neck feel a little rough and the color is not very beautiful, it should be noted that acanthosis nigricans is also divided into benign and malignant. This phenomenon is found, We need to know why earlier.


Through the above understanding, we can know that the meat particles growing under the armpit and neck may be simple skin problems or diseases. Therefore, after understanding the causes, we can deal with them accordingly.


Vegetations – solution: no impact, no need to deal with


General vegetations have no special impact on the body. However, you can’t ignore anything if there are vegetations. You should know that the generation of vegetations is easily stimulated by some factors, leading to serious problems. For example, sun exposure, friction and bacterial infection may make vegetations pathological changes. It needs to be handled at this time.


Fat granules – solution: improve diet and control weight


Since fat particles are formed by fat accumulation and caused by abnormal oil secretion, it is necessary to regulate fat metabolism and do not increase the burden on fat metabolism. It is necessary to help improve the problem by improving diet, adjusting lifestyle and controlling weight. It is suggested to eat less greasy and fried foods and cooperate with exercise appropriately to reduce the body fat rate.


Disease – solution: treat reasonably according to the condition


If only the skin and hair follicles are inflamed, anti-inflammatory drugs or other methods will be used to solve the problem. If there are lymph nodes, we must first judge the nature of the nodes before we can deal with the symptoms. We also hope to minimize the stimulation of lymph nodes in daily life, so as to prevent the good from becoming bad, which is a little difficult to deal with.


The last one is acanthosis nigricans. Find out the cause and see if it is related to visceral tumors. If so, we should solve the problem as soon as possible. Another point is to see if there is abnormal blood glucose and abnormal insulin secretion in the body, which will cause acanthosis nigricans. In general, we can solve the problem as soon as we find out the cause as soon as possible.


There are still many reasons for the small meat particles growing in the neck and armpit. If you are really worried, you should find out the reasons early, especially the meat particles that grow, and there are unusual feelings and changes. You should understand the reasons early. However, the meat particles that do not hurt or itch under normal circumstances are not a threat to your health.

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