These five behaviors are damaging your kidney. Do you have any?

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Nourishing the kidney for thousands of days and hurting the kidney for a while. These five behaviors are damaging your kidney. Have a look? If a person enters middle age, it is easy to cause kidney deficiency, kidney deficiency and kidney disease, which is mainly related to people’s wrong living habits and eating habits. Because if people often eat too salty food or like to hold their urine, it may seem like a small thing, but it hurts their kidneys. Nourish the kidney for thousands of days and hurt the kidney for a while. The following five behaviors are damaging your kidney. Have a look?



Friends dinner, classmates dinner, Chinese New Year dinner and so on, there are often many delicious dishes in front of us, most of them are big fish and meat. At this time, people will inevitably lose control of themselves and overeat. The protein content of these foods is high.


Such overeating will naturally lead to excessive protein intake. The kidney needs to excrete the products of protein metabolism, so that the kidney is overloaded for a long time. At dinner, drinking is inevitable. Drinking will aggravate the burden on the kidney. If you eat seafood and beer, it will do great harm to the kidney and easily lead to gout.


clinical nephropathy


2,Drink the drink as water

Many people like the taste of drinks and often can’t control it. They drink a few bottles every day, or even drink them as water to quench their thirst. In fact, it is unscientific to quench thirst with drinks. Some drinks will become more and more thirsty. And if you drink too much, it will hurt your kidney. Drinks contain a lot of pigment, which is not only harmful to health, but also increases the burden on the kidney. And many drinks are acidic. Drinking too much every day will disturb the acid-base balance in the body. After the balance is broken, the kidney has to find ways to maintain this balance, which undoubtedly increases the burden on the kidney.


3,Love and lust

Indulgence will cause kidney deficiency. If you don’t control it, the kidney will be in the state of kidney deficiency for a long time, which will hurt your kidney and your health, seriously affect your life, and there will be problems in the reproductive system.


4,Often hold back urine

Generally speaking, people don’t like to hold their urine. Once they have the intention to urinate, they will solve it. But now the work is busy, the work pressure is high, and some people forget themselves by playing games, so they often hold their urine and don’t start until the last minute. In fact, holding urine is very harmful to the kidney.


When holding urine, it is easy to lead to the increase of bladder pressure, the disorder of bladder pressure reflex and the decline of detrusor function. It may also affect the anti reflux mechanism of ureter bladder, lead to urine reflux, easily complicated with pyelonephritis, so as to damage the renal function.


5,Often stay up late

The topic of staying up late is no stranger to today’s people. Sleeping has become more and more difficult since we have a mobile phone. Coupled with the high pressure of work, many people have to work overtime often. Staying up late hurts the body and naturally the kidney. Staying up late makes the whole body unable to rest, the function of organs in the body decline and disorder, and people’s immunity will also decline. Staying up late will cause deficiency of kidney qi and easy to form symptoms such as kidney deficiency.


So how to protect our kidneys?

Drink plenty of water: drinking plenty of water is good for your body, especially your kidneys. Drinking plenty of water can help the kidney expel metabolites and toxins from the body and reduce the burden on the kidney.


Enough sleep: enough sleep is very good for your health. It can make your body full of vitality after a hard day, and your body organs glow with vitality. Naturally, your kidneys are no exception.


Pay attention to diet: first of all, you can’t overeat, which is bad for your health and kidney. Second, you should have a light diet. Heavy taste diet and high salt diet will increase the burden on your kidney and induce diseases.


Pay attention to exercise: now people take the bus to and from work, and they are too lazy to move at home, so their physical quality naturally decreases. Usually, walking and running after work can accelerate the blood circulation of the body, enhance the physique and stimulate the vitality of the body, which is also a way of health care for the kidney.


With the great changes in people’s lifestyle, in recent years, the common clinical nephropathy has a younger trend. Therefore, in order to avoid kidney disease at a young age, people must pay attention to their living habits and get rid of some wrong habits. We must remember that “nourishing the kidney for thousands of days, hurting the kidney for a while”. We must not destroy our kidney because of bad habits. And the above five behaviors are damaging your kidney. If you have them, you can take these four methods to nourish your kidney in the future.

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