To protect the health of the ding, you need to do these!

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Male Medicine:The genitalia of men are called “life root”, which shows the importance of its survival and life for men. The “ding dong” is very easy to hurt the place, only careful care and maintenance to keep it healthy, generally recommended to do the following points.


1, through sleep, rest and recuperation


After lovemaking need enough sleep to recuperate. When sleeping at night, the penis will be erect for 3-5 hours to “charge” the penis and increase the amount of blood oxygen, the more erections during sleep at night, the more flexible the penis erectile tissue.


2. Attention! Do not fight with hard objects


A violent impact with a hard object may lead to a fracture of the penis. If the cavernous body of the penis is completely torn, surgical treatment such as hemostasis must be performed within 24 hours to reduce the permanent damage caused to the penis. Partial injury to the spongy body may bring about sequelae such as abnormal curvature of the penis, pain, and impotence.


male disease


3、Stay away from cigarettes to reduce the damage


Smoking (including second-hand smoke) can affect the erectile hardness of the penis. Studies have found that smokers have significantly smaller penile erections than non-smokers. In addition to damage to blood vessels, smoking also causes damage to penile tissue, which in turn leads to reduced penile elasticity and restricted erectile function.


4, control blood sugar, reduce the risk


Clinically, more than 50% of men with diabetes have some degree of erectile dysfunction. On the one hand, diabetes accelerates arteriopathy, which damages penile blood vessels and increases the risk of impotence. On the other hand, diabetes can damage the nerves, leading to a decrease in the speed of the systemic nerve transmission of estrogen, and over time, the penis will also be numb.


5, regular medical checkups, early treatment of diseases


In daily life, you should do well to prevent impotence, premature ejaculation, prostatitis and other male disease measures, usually drink more water and urinate more, avoid sedentary, avoid spicy and stimulating food. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get the best out of your own home.

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