What are the causes of hyperosteogeny

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Hyperosteogeny is medically known as “osteoarthritis”, also known as “hypertrophic arthritis” or “degenerative arthritis”. It mostly occurs in the elderly. The onset parts are all parts of the body. The common symptoms include neck back pain, upper limb weakness, finger numbness, dizziness, nausea, unstable walking, paralysis, limb numbness, fecal incontinence, etc. What are the causes of hyperosteogeny? Let’s discuss it.


Hyperosteogeny belongs to the category of “arthralgia syndrome” in traditional Chinese medicine, also known as “bone arthralgia”. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this disease is related to trauma, strain, blood stasis blocking collaterals, feeling wind cold and dampness evil, phlegm dampness internal resistance, liver and kidney deficiency and so on.


causes of hyperosteogeny


1,Pathology: irregular cartilage damage, subchondral bone sclerosis and cyst in the weight-bearing area, marginal osteophyte hyperplasia, increased metaphyseal blood flow and varying degrees of synovitis.


2,Histology: early cartilage surface fragmentation, chondrocyte proliferation, longitudinal splitting of cartilage surface, crystal deposition, cartilage repair and osteophyte proliferation; The complete destruction of cartilage appeared in the late stage, including cartilage sclerosis, disappearance of cartilage and focal subchondral osteonecrosis.


3,Biomechanics: the extensibility, pressure resistance, shear resistance and cartilage permeability of articular cartilage are reduced. Cartilage moisture increased, excessive swelling, subchondral bone sclerosis.


4,Biochemical changes: the content (concentration) of proteoglycan decreased, its molecular size and aggregation changed, and the size and arrangement of collagen fibers and the synthesis and degradation of matrix macromolecules changed abnormally.


5,Nutrition: the primary cause of hyperosteogeny is calcium deficiency. It is the result of stress response.


In a word, after understanding the cause of hyperosteogeny, patients should find out the cause, and then take cause removal therapy or other treatment methods for treatment. Daily, but also to reduce weight, timely treatment of joint injury, and appropriate physical exercise, but avoid long-term vigorous exercise.

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