What are the causes of palpitation and how to prevent it?

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Have you ever felt that your heart was suddenly pinched by someone, and then a burst of palpitations. Your heart beat faster, and then you had to stop your work. This is palpitation. Panic and palpitation in the center of daily life are very common, such as excitement, excitement, overwork, mental tension, insomnia and so on. Palpitation is a subjective feeling.


The heart rate suddenly increases or slows down. It is more common for the heart rate to increase. It doesn’t matter if you panic once or twice. If you often have this kind of panic and palpitation, you should pay attention to it. So what are the causes of palpitation and how to prevent it?


There are several reasons for palpitations:

1,Premature beat

This situation is the most common, often manifested as a sudden sense of loss of the heart and pulse jumping and stopping. Of course, premature beats are also divided into atrial premature beats and ventricular premature beats. There are not only functional premature beats that do not need drug treatment, but also organic premature beats that must be treated with drugs. Relevant examinations such as 24-hour ambulatory electrocardiogram and echocardiography are required.


2,Anemia, hypoglycemia and other diseases

Anemia, hypoglycemia and other diseases can also cause palpitations and other symptoms. Blood routine, blood glucose and other related examinations can be further clarified.


How to prevent palpitations


3,Cardiac neurosis

All examinations of some patients are normal, but palpitations occur repeatedly. The most common reason is cardiac neurosis, which is common in some young female patients.


4,Anxiety disorder and other psychological diseases

Some psychological diseases such as anxiety disorder can also appear palpitations, and psychotherapy can be taken when necessary.


5,Stay up late and other bad lifestyles

Irregular life and often staying up late can lead to sympathetic excitement and palpitations.


How to prevent palpitations:

Keeping a good mood, emotional fluency, health and strengthening physique are the key to prevent this disease. Active treatment of chest pain, phlegm, pulmonary edema, asthma, rickets and so on is of great significance to the prevention and treatment of palpitation.


Patients with palpitation should maintain psychological optimism, emotional stability, adhere to treatment and firm confidence. Avoid panic, anxiety and anxiety. Life and work must be regular. Diet and diet, should eat nutritious, easy to digest and absorb food, low-fat, low salt diet, avoid tobacco, alcohol and strong tea.


Whether it is palpitation or palpitation, we should maintain our state and live in a good mood, which can reduce the attack of the disease and further prevent the disease. In peacetime, if the panic is not very serious, it can be relieved by taking a rest. Although the symptoms of palpitation are obvious, it can be prevented by paying attention to observation and prevention.

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