What causes cervical pregnancy?

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There are many reasons for cervical pregnancy, such as childbirth, abortion, excessive cleaning, etc., among which childbirth is the most common. This is because the cervical mouth needs to be expanded during childbirth, which makes the cervical mouth strained and torn. In this way, there is an opportunity for pathogenic bacteria to invade the vagina and cervix, causing vaginitis, cervical pregnancy and other diseases.


(1) Causes of cervical pregnancy

The fertilized egg runs too fast and has entered the cervical canal before it has the ability to plant, where it grows and develops.


Uterine dysplasia, uterine deformity, uterine fibroids, endocrine disorders and assisted reproductive technology are also possible factors.


 Causes of cervical pregnancy


Cervical pregnancy caused by spontaneous abortion, diagnostic curettage and delivery. Although spontaneous abortion and delivery do not necessarily need surgery, they still cause varying degrees of damage to the cervix and various tissues, which is very easy to cause cervical pregnancy.


For women who do abortion or curettage, the incidence rate of cervical pregnancy is higher. Mechanical stimulation or injury of such operation is obviously, and it is easy to infect, leading to cervical pregnancy and other gynecological inflammation. Therefore, in order to prevent cervical pregnancy, female friends should pay attention to contraception, avoid or reduce induced abortion, pay attention to postpartum hygiene and avoid postpartum infection;


Pathogen infection: the most common causes of cervical pregnancy are suppurative inflammation caused by Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, Streptococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, virus, trichomonas, etc; Chemical stimulation: flushing the vagina with some acidic or alkaline solution, or putting suppositories into the vagina, can also cause cervical pregnancy.


Cervical pregnancy caused by adverse. The reason for this is mainly in men. Many male friends are too rude. As a result, it causes damage to various tissues of the female cervix and eventually leads to cervical pregnancy. Some friends are too frequent, some even many times in a short time, which is also an important inducement of cervical pregnancy. Based on this, we should pay attention to regular, moderate and harmonious in the future to avoid menstruation.


(2) Pathogenesis

Embryonic tissue and cervical tissue are closely adhered and difficult to separate. The main part is under the inner mouth of the uterus. There is no villous tissue in the uterus. Trophoblasts and syncytial cells in pregnancy can grow deep into the cervical myometrium. The fetus can survive. Cervical glands can be seen at the attachment of villous tissue.

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