What is Behcet’s disease? What is the life span of general Behcet patients?

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Some patients will change some uncommon and incurable diseases because of their body immunity or living environment. These patients will have suicidal thoughts because they are discriminated against by some people in society or because of the pain caused by physical diseases. Behcet patients are a small part of this group. So, what is the life span of general Behcet patients?


1、 What is Behcet’s disease?


Behcet’s disease is a systemic disease of the immune system, also known as Behcet’s syndrome. In short, it is a kind of vasculitis. Behcet’s disease can damage many organs in patients, including oral cavity, skin and other organs. Patients will have recurrent oral diseases, rashes, intestinal ulcers and other diseases. The cause of Behcet’s disease modern medicine can not give a clear answer. It can only be preliminarily judged that the patient will suffer from Behcet’s disease because of the influence of heredity and living environment. It should be noted that patients with Behcet’s disease need to receive regular drug treatment. If patients interrupt treatment, there will be problems in the prognosis of the disease, or life-threatening. Therefore, patients must be actively treated after illness.


Behcet's disease


2、 What is the life span of general Behcet patients?


Generally speaking, as long as the patient actively receives treatment after finding out the disease, the patient’s life will not be much threatened. If the patient’s condition is properly controlled, the patient’s life span can be the same as that of normal people. Therefore, patients do not need to panic after illness, and do not appear the idea that they are suffering from a terminal disease and have no medicine to cure. It is better to die. This idea is very abnormal and unhealthy.


The treatment of Behcet’s disease in modern medicine is mainly through drug treatment, but different patients need to take medicine for different periods. Most patients need to take medicine for a long time to control their condition. The drugs taken by Behcet patients during treatment are drugs that regulate the patient’s immune system, including topical drugs and oral drugs. Behcet patients can also be treated by surgery if their condition is serious, but the recurrence rate is high.


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