What is depression? What happens to people with depression

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Depression is a disease, don’t be prejudiced against it. Care for those children who are depressed, or at least do it without cynicism. Most people think that having depression will affect their work career and future, and even do not actively seek treatment from doctors for fear of being discriminated by the people around them. In fact, there are many effective medications for depression, and the majority of patients can get better quickly after treatment. Therefore, if you have depression, as long as you get an early diagnosis and get the right treatment as soon as possible, you can soon recover your health.


In addition, experts also introduced that the age of the disease is gradually younger, and the incidence of major depression under 20 years old is increasing. Depressed people are “the most negative and sad people in the world”, more than half of them have suicidal thoughts, and 10-15% of them eventually end their lives by suicide. Therefore, depression is a mental illness that needs to be a priority for suicide prevention and intervention.


It is important to understand the general knowledge of the disease for patients to recover. The depression counseling agency recommends those patients who are not cured for a long time, those who are misdiagnosed and misdiagnosed and those who simply take western medicine as outpatient treatment is ineffective and those who do not admit they have the disease. It is better to be hospitalized for a comprehensive and systematic examination to achieve a clear diagnosis and symptomatic treatment.


Let everyone understand how depressed patients are a kind of physical and psychological state to face depression. It is also to get to know it better.




Here are a few common misconceptions about depression.


1,The opposite of depression is not “happiness”, just like I am not unhappy. The opposite of depression is “vitality”, because my body is trapped by the disease, which causes my life to be trapped, and the energy in my body seems to be drained, which causes my life to be emptied.


So don’t say “be happy” or “be open” to depressed people, it’s not the mood that causes them to be depressed, being happy and open will not alleviate their pain, not to mention that most depressed people have lost the mental adjustment mechanism of “being happy and open”.


2, because of the first, so do not judge a person happy or not to be depressed, the two can not be equated. “You are so amusing all day, how can you be depressed,” such a judgment is a complete misinterpretation.


3,Depression is a disease, not a pessimistic mood, not pretentiousness, not posturing, but a broken function of managing emotions, the brain is unable to secrete energetic factors. So don’t say to a depressed person “what can you be depressed, I’m still depressed”, you would say to a cancer patient “what can you be depressed, I’m still depressed and sad”?


4, depression is a disease, is a disease to take medication. It is true that some people have mild depression themselves to stay up and get over it, but for the vast majority of depressed patients carrying is not a solution, it is not a disease with the will to fight it.


5,The external manifestations of depression are very complex, and a pessimistic and depressed state of mind is certainly a symptom, but more often than not, it is also expressed through physical symptoms, such as dizziness and weakness. So don’t dismiss the possibility of depression by not having psychological symptoms but only physical symptoms.


6,Don’t ask depressed people “Why are you depressed? “. The exact cause of depression in many people cannot be found, just like cancer patients do not know why they have cancer.


7, depressed people’s emotional control will be worse than normal people, in addition to often do not want to talk, from time to time will not be able to resist emotional outbursts, temper tantrums, I hope we can understand, for this emotional loss of control depressed people themselves are very distressed.


8, do not say to depressed patients “this is not a good thing, there is nothing to say everywhere” such as. Depression is a common disease, 11% of people have different degrees of depression symptoms, it is nothing to be ashamed of, “talk” will relieve the mental pressure of depressed people.


9,For depressed people, a light mental burden can bring unbearable psychological pressure. Social activities can be stressful, such as gatherings with unfamiliar people, excessive attention from others can be stressful, such as family concerns about marital status, sudden changes in life can be stressful, such as the departure of a pet raised since childhood.


These stresses are really erratic for ordinary people, but the depressed person really doesn’t have the strength to combat even the slightest of these negative emotions, which can push him deeper and deeper into a mental rut. Don’t force them to do anything, a peaceful environment is very important for depressed people.


10,The loneliness and despair of depressed people often come from the misunderstanding or belittling of the outside world. The outside world does not understand that you are really sick and that this illness is complicated, resulting in a lot of cynicism, which can add to the already dark life of the depressed person. To fight depression, what the patient needs is not the aspirations of those around him, but support and encouragement, and more simply, understanding and care.

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