What is diabetic foot?

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The lives of many diabetic patients around us are affected by diseases. Not only do we need to pay more attention to diet, but also need medication. If blood sugar is not well controlled, it will cause various complications. So, what is diabetic foot?


Diabetic foot is a complication of diabetes. If you suffer from diabetes, it will lead to pathological changes in the nerve tissue. It will cause some damage to the foot cartilage tissue and affect the blood circulation of the feet. It is very likely that a series of foot problems will appear, such as ulcers, infections, nerve fractures and so on.


diabetic foot


Diabetic foot general peripheral neuropathy can cause lower extremity sensory loss or disappearance. One of the causes of this phenomenon is poor glycemic control in diabetic patients. Blood sugar can damage small blood vessels of nerve function, resulting in peripheral nerves being unable to work properly. However, the feedback from diabetic foot to external pain stimulation will be relatively slow, and the pain will eventually be completely lost in the later stage. The most frightening thing is that diabetic foot develops and worsens and ulcerates. Some patients with neurovascular disease and ulcer combined with infection gradually aggravate, the ulcer is difficult to heal, and the most serious can lead to amputation.


For diabetes, in daily life, we must take good care of the health of our feet and prevent the emergence of diabetic foot. Well, first of all, we must control blood sugar. The most basic foundation of diabetes complications is hyperglycemia. According to statistics, diabetic patients do not control their blood sugar for five years, so the chance of suffering from diabetic complications increases significantly.


Choose shoes that are suitable for your feet and shoes that are soft and breathable. When wearing shoes, the inside of the shoes should be dry. Don’t wear high heels or pointed shoes to avoid squeezing your feet inside. Also choose comfortable socks. Don’t wear too tight socks. The elastic mouth of socks can’t be too tight, so as not to affect the blood circulation. Change your socks every day and keep them clean. Don’t walk barefoot on the road at ordinary times to prevent foot injury. When washing your feet, try the water temperature first. Don’t be too hot or too cold. In winter, keep your feet warm.

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