What is hemophilia? These five ways to treat hemophilia are very reliable

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As we all know, hemophilia is a relatively rare coagulation disorder. Because of the different symptoms, hemophiliacs can also be divided into hemophilia A and hemophilia B. So, how is hemophilia inherited? How is the word that haemophilia treats treated commonly?


1. hemophilia heredity mode


As we all know, hemophilia itself is a genetic disease, belongs to the recessive heredity of sex chromosomes, generally through the body to carry the gene can determine whether there will be hemophilia. For example, if the father has hemophilia and the mother does not have the condition, the son will not inherit hemophilia, but the daughter will carry the hemophilia gene. Women who carry the hemophilia gene are called carriers because they are more likely to pass the hemophilia gene on to their children. Their sons and daughters had a 50 percent chance of developing hemophilia, and women had a 50 percent chance of carrying the hemophilia gene. In addition to the above conditions, there is also a mother with hemophilia, the mother is a carrier, the daughter will develop hemophilia, but this is rarely seen.




2. hemophilia treatment


In general, hemophilia can be treated in the following ways:


1, the most common hemostatic treatment, this treatment method is generally the use of anti-fibrinolytic or hemostatic drugs to hemostatic treatment. If the bleeding is serious, it can be treated with bandages, cold compresses and so on.


2, Medication. As the name suggests, it is treated with drugs such as desmopressin and glucocorticoids, which improve the permeability of blood vessels in the body.


3, Family therapy. Family therapy is in the doctor’s advice under the guidance of injection treatment, or in the daily attention to prevent hemophilia and so on.


4, Surgical treatment. This treatment method is mainly used for patients with bleeding symptoms in the joints. If the joint is deformed due to repeated bleeding, joint replacement surgery should be performed in addition to supplementation of coagulation factors.


5, There are other treatments, such as gene therapy.


In conclusion, if there is a hemophiliac in the family, the children should go to the hospital to see if they may have hemophilia or carry hemophilia genes. In addition, ask your doctor what you can do to prevent hemophilia in your daily life. In addition, I can also go to understand some of these aspects of knowledge at ordinary times.


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