What is ischemic heart disease? How to treat ischemic heart disease correctly?

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Heart disease is a common disease. Besides congenital heart disease, the incidence rate of heart disease usually increases with age. Ischemic heart disease is a kind of heart disease, which will pose a serious threat to the physical and mental health of patients. In order to achieve early understanding, early prevention, early detection and early treatment, let’s learn what is ischemic heart disease ? What are the causes? How to treat effectively?


1、 Ischemic heart disease


Ischemic heart disease is a symptom of myocardial damage, which is caused by the change of coronary blood circulation in human heart. The most common reason is coronary arteriosclerosis, which makes the coronary artery narrow and unobstructed, so as to block the blood circulation.


2、 Causes of ischemic heart disease


1,Sedentary. Sitting long can cause blood circulation to be blocked in the body, and studies have shown that people who don’t love exercise have a higher risk of ischemic heart disease.


2,Smoking. Smoking can cause serious harm to human circulatory system and cardiovascular system, and is an important cause of ischemic heart disease.


3,High blood pressure. High blood pressure can directly lead to heart and coronary atherosclerosis, leading to ischemic heart disease.


 what is ischemic heart disease


4, diabetes and obesity. These two are the primary risk factors of the disease, which will greatly increase the mortality of ischemic heart disease.


5,Other factors. In addition to the above four, other causes also include physiological factors such as gender and age of the human body, as well as genetic and external environmental factors.


3、 Treatment of ischemic heart disease


Ischemic heart disease is mainly treated with drugs. At present, there are mainly the following four commonly used drugs for the treatment of the disease:


1,Betahistine hydrochloride sodium chloride injection: this drug can be used for arteriosclerosis, ischemic heart disease and other ischemic cerebrovascular diseases.


2,Sodium ferulate for injection: this drug is mainly used for the adjuvant treatment of vascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis and ischemic heart disease.


3,Dipyridamole tablets: this drug is mainly used to prevent thrombosis.


4,Niacin injection: this drug can dilate small blood vessels, effectively alleviate angina pectoris and reduce blood lipid.


Of course, the treatment of ischemic heart disease can not only rely on drugs, but also develop good living habits, such as avoiding sedentary, quitting smoking and alcohol, not eating too much fat and sugar, improving work and rest, etc. If unfortunately suffering from disease, we must actively cooperate with doctors, do targeted treatment and recover as soon as possible.


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