What is mastocytosis? Learn more about mastocytosis to protect your health

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Although mastocytosis is a common disease among women, some women do not know much about it and are not concerned about it, believing that the disease is physiological and does not need to be treated deliberately. It seems that these women are too Buddhist, as if mastocytosis has nothing to do with them, which is obviously a “don’t care, hang on high” attitude.


If this is the attitude, you should be criticized, after all, it has a significant relationship with your health. Mammary gland hyperplasia can become cancerous in severe cases. It’s too late to take it seriously at this point. You should have a detailed understanding of what mastocytosis is, so that you can treat this disease properly. For the sake of your health, please use some of your time.


What is mastocytosis? Mammary gland hyperplasia is the proliferation of epithelial and fibrous tissue in the breast. The incidence of mastocytosis is very high, and endocrine dysfunction is one of the main causes of its development. During the development of mastocytosis, if reasonable treatment measures are not taken in time, mastocytosis also has the potential to become cancerous. Let’s first understand specifically what are the reasons for the appearance of mastopexy?


1,Emotional and other psychological factors


What is mastocytosis


Mental stress, emotional excitement, anger and other adverse psychological factors are prone to the formation of mastopexy. Bad psychological factors such as frequent late nights and lack of sleep can also lead to mastocytosis, and these bad factors can also aggravate the existing symptoms of mastocytosis.


2,Endocrine imbalance


Decrease in lutein secretion and relative increase in estrogen are important causes of breast enlargement. Such as ovarian dysplasia, irregular menstruation, thyroid disease and liver dysfunction.


3,Human factors or poor lifestyle habits


Women are unable to carry out normal and cyclical physiological activities due to advanced infertility, sexual dysfunction, abortion, disharmony in couple’s life, and non-breastfeeding. And wearing tight bras or tight underwear is also very bad for breast health.


4,Irrational diet structure


A diet high in fat and energy can lead to excessive fat intake, and unhealthy habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking can lead to the appearance of disease. In addition, high blood pressure and high blood sugar can also easily lead to female endocrine disorders and mastopexy.


5, long-term use of estrogen-containing health products, birth control pills


Because of the harmful effects of mastocytosis, women should be aware of its treatment. Chinese medicine believes that mammary gland hyperplasia is related to liver qi stagnation, can be taken to relieve liver depression Chinese medicine such as Qianjin plus flavor prodigality pill, generally 2-4 months can be seen in the ideal effect. In addition, it is important to maintain a relaxed mood, optimistic emotions, a reasonable and healthy diet with less fried food and more vegetables and fruits.


What is the condition of mammary gland hyperplasia? Through the above introduction, I believe that you have a more detailed understanding of mastopexy. Full of care have you learned the reasons for the appearance of mastocytosis? If you want to prevent mastocytosis you have to treat these triggers correctly, as long as the preventive measures are done, you will reduce the chances of mastocytosis appearing.

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