What is oral ulcerative inflammation and how to treat it?

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What is oral ulcerative inflammation?Oral ulceration (oral ulcer) is a common oral mucosal disease, also known as aphthous ulcer. The pain is very obvious when it occurs and can heal itself without treatment. There are also recurrent oral ulcers, called recurrent oral ulcers, which have a great impact on the work and life of patients. It often occurs on the lips, cheeks, tongue margin, etc.


The specific cause of oral ulcer has not been determined, but its occurrence is related to many factors, such as the decrease of cellular immune function; Digestive system diseases such as abdominal distension, diarrhea or constipation; Endocrine changes; Mental stress, poor sleep and other mental factors; Lack of trace elements zinc, iron, folic acid, vitamin BL2, heredity and other factors.


The fundamental way to cure oral ulcer is to enhance physical quality and immune ability. People who often suffer from oral ulcer should pay attention to: psychological adjustment, comfort and optimism; Maintain oral and skin hygiene, and adhere to regular brushing, mouthwash and bathing; Pay attention to smooth defecation and adequate sleep; Pay attention to nutrition matching, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to clean up the intestines and stomach, and avoid chewing gum, chocolate, tobacco, wine, coffee, hot food, spicy barbecue, fried products, etc. which are easy to cause or aggravate oral ulcer.


The occurrence of oral ulceration is the result of a variety of factors, including local trauma, mental stress, food, drugs, malnutrition, changes in hormone levels and lack of vitamins or trace elements. Systemic diseases, genetics, immunity and microorganisms may play an important role in the occurrence and development of oral ulcer.


For example, lack of trace elements zinc and iron, lack of folic acid, vitamin B12 and malnutrition can reduce immune function and increase the possibility of oral ulcer; Streptococcus haemolyticus and Helicobacter pylori are also closely related to oral ulcer. Oral ulcer usually indicates that the body may have potential systemic diseases. Oral ulcer is related to gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, ulcerative colitis, localized enteritis, hepatitis, female menstrual period, vitamin B absorption disorder, autonomic nerve function disorder, etc.


oral ulcerative inflammation


Treatment of oral ulcer:


1、 Oral ulcer caused by allergy


If oral ulcer occurs due to eating a certain food, the cause may be related to this food, so you should stop eating this kind of food immediately, gargle with warm water to reduce the stimulation of allergens on the affected area, and then apply honey on the ulcer surface to alleviate the disease.


2、 Oral ulcer caused by smoking


If there is a small wound in the mouth, people who often smoke will attach nicotine to the wound and affect the repair of oral mucosa. If the damaged oral mucosa cannot be repaired, it will cause ulcer. At this time, smoking should be stopped immediately, and the secretion of saliva should be increased by chewing gum, which is conducive to wound healing.


3、 Oral ulcer caused by fire


Many people’s oral ulcer is caused by fire. At this time, they can take Sanhuang tablets, Niuhuang Jiedu Tablets and other drugs to reduce the fire under the guidance of doctors. They can also take cephalosporin or amoxicillin and other drugs to resist bacteria and inflammation and alleviate the disease.


4、 Oral ulcer caused by eating too many throat moistening tablets


When the weather is dry, some people always feel dry and itchy throat. At this time, they may often take some throat moistening tablets orally to alleviate the symptoms of throat discomfort, but eating too many throat moistening tablets will also cause oral ulcer. Therefore, when oral ulcer is caused by this reason, they should stop taking throat moistening tablets and pay attention to drinking more water.


5、 Vitamin deficiency leads to oral ulcer


Some people don’t like to eat coarse grains. If their diet is too fine, it will lead to vitamin deficiency. When their body is lack of vitamin A and vitamin B, it is easy to cause oral ulcer. Therefore, at this time, they should take multi vitamin tablets to supplement vitamins for their body. They can also eat more yellow and dark green vegetables, fruits, brown rice and other foods to supplement vitamins for their body. Without vitamin deficiency in the body, the symptoms of oral ulcer can be relieved.

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