What is personality split? Psychological experts show you the truth of personality split.

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1,What is personality split? The conceptual essence of personality split

After a person is repressed, his personality may split. Related to the concept of division is the division, separation, dissociation, or repressed personality. In essence, these concepts belong to a philosophical tendency of structuralism. Because they believe that human spirit is divided into several parts, which is the main idea of structuralism.


Existential philosophy holds that man is a whole spiritual structure, so man’s “I” is a whole. So he wants to pursue the value and significance of life. If a person is a fragmented and divided spiritual structure, what kind of behavior and ideas a person makes does not come from his own pursuit, but from the influence of different parts of his personality or spirit.


2,Separate the repressed part of the personality

Structuralism discusses different parts of the spirit. If there are different parts in the spirit, it means that the spiritual structure of man as a whole has been split, so the word split came into being in this way.


Related to division, and dissociation also represents that part of the personality has been separated. Others believe that some parts of personality are separated. After leaving, these parts may be repressed into a subconscious state, which belongs to a part of personality and a part of repressed personality.


Psychoanalytic schools believe that in psychological counseling, we should pay attention to observing some changes of visitors. For example, the visitor suddenly changes some words, or his body makes some great changes. These changes in language or action may express another part of his suppressed personality.


For example, I once met a visitor. When he was consulting with me, he called his father two names, sometimes father and sometimes father. Obviously, addressing father and addressing father are actually different parts of his personality. To put it bluntly, he is one of them, or a part of him. The father is another part of his personality, so we can see which part is the part of the repressed personality.


What is personality split


3,Personality split

Sometimes we observe that there are two states of visitors during consultation: one is the state of adults and the other seems to be the state of children. This is considered to be that part of his personality has been split, or that part of his personality has been suppressed to form another personality. Of course, when we say the different parts of these personalities now, we should pay attention to the difference in quantity and degree.


The most serious is what we call personality split. After the personality split, it may be divided into several different personalities, which means that the repressed part of his personality has completely grown up, has completely grown up into another part of his personality, and began to try to manipulate his whole spiritual world. So this is the most serious mental illness.


Every part of the personality forms an independent personality, that is, the person’s personality is divided. There are some less serious ones. They have a main personality, but occasionally during consultation, when the suppressed part comes out, we can see one of his sub personalities. In the most serious personality division, different identities and different parts of personality can not be integrated into the self-consciousness of a complete personality.


4,Narcissistic integrated personality

At this point, we have to introduce another concept, that is, the concept of narcissism. Psychoanalysis holds that although each part of personality may be separated into different parts, narcissism is just the rope. Narcissism can integrate different parts of personality. It’s like cutting watermelon. It’s cut into several pieces, but it’s tied together with a rope, which is the state of splitting without cracking.


So we can see that narcissism is of great help to people. If a person’s narcissism is bad, he cannot use narcissism as a centripetal force to integrate different parts of his personality. The first way for different schools of psychoanalysis to solve these problems is to let narcissism become a rope binding different parts of their personality, and make their personality unified and complete through narcissism. This is also called self reconstruction in Kohut’s school.


Other schools believe that the repressed parts of the personality can be integrated into the master’s case. Or let a part of the personality that once appeared fade slowly.


When some schools treat, they pay attention to nourishing and nurturing their real self, so that they can slowly grow and grow up and become their main personality.


5,Expel external object representation

In superstition, we will describe a person, such as a fox on the body and a weasel on the body. This hysteria attack. In fact, these upper bodies also represent another part of his personality and occupy his master’s personality. The method used in traditional witchcraft treatment is called expelling. Expelling means expelling the things that occupy his mind in his personality.


Because they think that part of things should not occupy the main part of your personality in your body. It is external, internalized by you, an external object representation, which does not belong to you, so you can drive it out. In the past, different ethnic groups, including different countries, had similar treatment methods, including religion, such as exorcism and Exorcism rituals.


The ritual of exorcising ghosts and Demons here actually refers to expelling the external object that occupies your spiritual subject and is internalized by you.

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