What is the difference between vitiligo and leukoplakia?

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Many people often confuse leukoplakia with vitiligo because leukoplakia is a typical symptom of vitiligo. But not all skin leukoplakia are vitiligo, and the symptoms of many other diseases are mainly skin leukoplakia. So, what is the difference between leukoplakia and vitiligo? Let’s get to know:



Leukoplakia refers to patches lighter than normal skin color on the skin and mucous membrane, which is mainly caused by skin pigmentation or depigmentation.


What are the characteristics of leukoplakia: leukoplakia caused by various reasons has different characteristics. Firstly, according to the color of leukoplakia, it can be divided into hypopigmentation spots and depigmentation spots. The color of hypopigmentation spots is lighter than normal skin color, but it will not turn porcelain white. In addition, the edges of different leukoplakia also have their own characteristics. Some leukoplakia have clear boundaries and deepened pigments around, such as white atrophy, discoid lupus erythematosus, etc; Some leukoplakia have fuzzy boundaries and are generally hypopigmented spots.


what is the difference between leukoplakia and vitiligo



Vitiligo is a common pigmented skin disease. The disease is characterized by local or generalized depigmentation to form leukoplakia. It is an acquired localized or generalized skin depigmentation. It is a common skin disease affecting beauty. It is easy to diagnose and difficult to treat. Traditional Chinese medicine calls it “vitiligo” or “vitiligo”. Vitiligo is an acquired localized white spot caused by skin depigmentation, which makes the local skin white spot like.


The external symptoms of vitiligo are: the skin color at the skin damage decreases and turns white, including grayish white, milky white or porcelain white, generally without conscious discomfort. A few cases have local itching before or at the same time. Some patients have itching due to some factors when their condition is stable, followed by the expansion of white spots or new white spots, and some patients have white hair.


Warm tip: Although vitiligo is one of the three persistent skin diseases in the world, patients can effectively control their condition and cure vitiligo as soon as they seize the best time of early treatment, actively cooperate with doctors to find out the causes of the disease, symptomatic treatment, pay attention to daily maintenance, eat more food beneficial to treatment and exercise their body.

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