What is tuberculosis? Who will be the people with high incidence of tuberculosis?

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With the improvement of medical technology, many previously incurable diseases now have reliable treatment schemes, and many previously incurable diseases can now be treated, such as tuberculosis, which was incurable in the past. When the money is gone, people will be gone, but as far as the current medical level is concerned, In fact, tuberculosis can be saved, but many people lack due awareness of tuberculosis. Today, let’s talk about tuberculosis.


What is tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis is a kind of tuberculosis. It is also very common in many TB cases. Most of the spread of tuberculosis is spread through spittle, whether it is saliva or saliva when we slobber, or when we sneeze, or when we cough, we all have a large amount of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. If it enters someone else’s body, it will lead to the infection of tuberculosis.


Because of its unique mode of infection, this kind of people are easy to be infected. People who often talk in public for a long time are particularly likely to get sick, because there are a lot of people on these occasions, talking and spitting, and people sneeze everywhere. For people who often move in places with a large flow of people, Especially susceptible to tuberculosis, this kind of people are particularly “favored” by tuberculosis.


What is tuberculosis


The severity of tuberculosis varies from person to person

For those who have strong immunity, tuberculosis will not be infected even before infection. If immunity is strong, the bacteria will slowly drain away with the body’s metabolism. In fact, it does not mean that if they are infected, they will get tuberculosis. Immunity is strong enough to be afraid of them. However, for the elderly or children with poor physical immunity, the development of the disease is often relatively rapid. It will reproduce rapidly in the patient’s body, and the disease of pulmonary tuberculosis will soon appear.


What happens if TB is not cured for a long time?

Deterioration of condition

If TB is not treated, it will grow and spread throughout the body over time. It will gradually spread to the lungs. If the lung has been filled, it will move to the stomach, liver and other places. It will cause some complications in our body and eventually lead to the end of life. It is worth mentioning that the tuberculosis is still “the stronger the Vietnam War”. If there is no one-time cure during the treatment, if it is given time to slow down, it will become more powerful. It will not only be more difficult to treat, but also be more serious than last time.


Bring disaster to relatives

Tuberculosis is a highly infectious disease. If there is no treatment, it will not only erode the patient’s health, but also infect the bacteria to the surrounding people through the patient’s saliva and exhaled air. These people are often the patient’s relatives and friends, or husband, wife and daughter, resulting in the tragedy of one person getting sick and the whole family getting sick.


The treatment is more difficult and the burden is heavier

It is difficult to treat two tuberculosis cases, which are caused by the worsening of the disease, or the incomplete treatment of the patients. If there is a bad case of tuberculosis, the complications will appear, not only to treat the tuberculosis bacteria, but also to the other organs that are corroded, which will increase the difficulty of the treatment.


However, if you have been treated before but have not been treated, because the previous treatment has led to drug resistance, the last drug is not easy to use, and you must use new drugs. The cost of treatment will increase and the treatment time will be prolonged.


The last thing I want to say is to go to places where anyone has much more traffic. Remember to bring a medical mask. It’s not just who to dismiss. It’s just to prevent the infection of the virus. For the germs of tuberculosis, we’d better cure once and cure two times without giving the germ the chance to relapse.

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