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Vascular migraine (referred to as migraine) is one of the common acute headache, which is caused by paroxysmal vasomotor dysfunction and temporary changes in some body fluids. The etiology is unknown, and there is often a family history, especially in women. Its clinical manifestations are: short-term impairment of brain function such as hallucinations and hemianopia before the attack, followed by unilateral headache, which is pulsatile drill pain, tingling or dull pain. When severe, it is accompanied by dizziness, sweating, nausea and vomiting, palpitation, constipation and other diseases, which last for about several hours. Generally, it recurred at an interval of several weeks, showing periodic attacks.




Traditional Chinese medicine also calls this disease migraine or migraine. It is mostly caused by stagnation of liver qi, weathering fire and scratching the head and face along the meridians of liver and gallbladder. Acupuncture and moxibustion has a long history and good effect in the treatment of migraine. Through continuous clinical screening and comparison, many effective experiences have been found in acupoint selection and stimulation methods in recent ten years. It is generally advocated to use the traditional point through point acupuncture, and blood pricking and cupping also have a better analgesic effect. In addition, the method of acupoint catgut embedding has achieved certain results. In terms of specific acupoint selection and operation techniques, some people take immediate pain relief as the index. Through comparative observation, it is found that local acupoint selection is better for migraine. After acupuncture gets Qi, twist the needle quickly until the needle feels strong, and its curative effect is better than retaining the needle for 20 minutes. At present, the effective rate (analgesic rate) of acupuncture and moxibustion in the treatment of migraine is more than 90%. The curative effect is relatively consolidated. A few cases have repeated cases after the effect is obtained, and the continuous treatment can still be effective.


Because headache can sometimes be the early manifestation or prominent symptom of some serious diseases, systematic examination must be made before treatment. And acupuncture treatment can only consider emergency treatment according to the subjective and objective basis, even if it is a preliminary diagnosis. It can also be treated with traditional Chinese medicine, such as malamian, which can achieve ideal curative effect.


vascular migraine


Daily treatment of migraine


Headache is the most common clinical symptom. Severe headache often makes people fidgety and painful. However, foot massage can relieve the pain within a few minutes. Headache, people are used to taking painkillers, and foot massage has no side effects, and the effect is accurate. Foot massage therapy is an ancient and novel rehabilitation therapy. It originated in China and spread abroad. Because it is safe, simple, easy to learn, effective and economical, it is welcomed by the masses. In recent years, foot massage therapy has been widely popular in more than 30 countries such as Switzerland, Japan, Singapore and the United States.


Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the five internal organs of the human body correspond to the feet. Washing the feet often can stimulate the foot acupoints, enhance blood circulation and dredge the meridians. Medical experts believe that if you can often massage the corresponding reflection area of the foot, it can promote blood circulation and improve body resistance. The principle of foot reflection health care is to stimulate the skin of the foot with pressure, so that it also plays a certain role in internal organs and other parts of the body. There are many reflex areas corresponding to organs or body parts in the foot. Regular massage of the foot is a good way to exercise the foot muscles, promote blood circulation, strengthen the body, enhance immunity, prevent and treat headache and insomnia. The central depression of the foot is Yongquan point of the kidney meridian, and the depression of the palm is Laogong point of the pericardial meridian. If you often rub the foot, It can effectively relieve headache and insomnia.


The specific method is: before going to bed, use the wenmaishu massage wheel, sit in a chair with moderate height, relax the whole body, and the feet droop naturally. Step on the sports massage wheel and move the feet back and forth. Don’t use too much force, gradually speed up the speed and strength, and pay attention to the alternative selection of sports massage methods when using. Single foot massage; Or one foot for exercise massage and the other foot for static acupoint stimulation massage; Or move both legs and feet in the same direction; Or reverse movement of legs and feet. To adhere to regular use, it is best to massage twice a day for 20-30 minutes each time. When doing foot massage, you can use the treatment of uniform penetration. Massage with finger joints at an average force and speed. Do not scrape the surface gently, and do not press it repeatedly in one place. The strength should not be too heavy.

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