What makes people get diabetes? I finally know the real answer this time!

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Diabetes is mainly related to unhealthy eating habits. The occurrence of diabetes is very harmful to patients. It will not only lead to a decline in quality of life, but also induce a series of complications of diabetes. Patients with diabetes will suffer from excessive drinking and polyuria. The problem of weight loss will occur. Heredity can easily lead to diabetes, produce viral infection, and easily lead to diabetes. Now what do we know about diabetes?


Diabetes is a metabolic disease. It is the ability of regulating sugar in the body that causes the increase of glucose in the body. The disease can be divided into two broad categories: type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Although the two types of diabetes belong to the scope of diabetes, there are different causes and age of the disease. Now let’s look at the cause of the disease.


Type 1 diabetes mellitus


Type 1 diabetes is also known as “insulin dependent diabetes” or “juvenile diabetes”. The onset of diabetes is younger and more insulin is needed during treatment. Most type 1 diabetes mellitus is more acute, and the symptoms of eating more, polyuria and weight loss are more obvious.




The causes of type 1 diabetes are not yet identical. The reasons are rather complicated. They may be related to the following reasons:


1,Genetic causes


If there is type 1 diabetes in the family, the risk of diabetes in the family is greater than that of the average person.


2,Virus infection


Type 1 diabetes may also be associated with certain viral infections or consumption of certain foods, leading to confusion in the body’s immune system and the induction of type 1 diabetes.


Type 1 diabetes mellitus


Type 2 diabetes mellitus


Type 2 diabetes is also known as “non-insulin-dependent diabetes” or “adult diabetes”. It is the most common type of diabetes. Although this diabetes has three words of “adult type”, this kind of diabetes will suffer from any age group, including children, but the most common one is middle-aged and elderly people. Type 2 diabetes is not obvious in many cases, such as eating more urine and so on. It often causes many people to neglect the arrival of disease.




The etiology of type 2 diabetes is complex, mostly due to the combined effects of heredity and environment. The reasons may be related to the following factors:


1,Genetic causes


Like type 1 diabetes, the incidence of type 2 diabetes is mostly related to family. If someone in the family has type 2 diabetes, then the family is more likely to get sick.


2,Personal life reasons


Factors related to personal life reasons, such as personal living habits, living environment, lifestyle, etc.


For example, eat more and move less, and often eat foods high in fat and sugar; Have hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other diseases; The blood glucose level of pregnant women is too high during pregnancy; Prolonged depression, or patients with depression; Obese people.


Methods of reducing blood sugar


1,Diet management


Patients with diabetes should pay more attention to diet. They should strictly observe the food and beverage plan of doctors and nurses according to specific circumstances, and achieve the goal of lowering blood sugar through food control.


2,take medicine for diabetes.


Oral drugs include x gliptin, biguanide hypoglycemic drugs α- Glycosidase inhibitors, insulin secretagogues and other drugs; The drugs to be injected include insulin, etc. the specific drugs to be taken or injected should be determined according to the blood glucose of the parties and the instructions of the doctor. This is also the most important point in the treatment of diabetes.


3,diabetes education


Allowing patients to receive good diabetes education plays an important role in relieving the onset of diabetes complications and prolonging the life span of patients.


What makes people get diabetes? Diabetes is related to genetic factors. Viral infection can also lead to diabetes. Individuals with bad habits can easily lead to diabetes. It is best to know the specific causes of diabetes, diabetes and polyuria.

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