What symptom can pelvic inflammation have appear? How does daily life prevent pelvic inflammation

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Whether you are just do stream of people surgery, or finish on the ring ring, cervical erosion and other uterine surgery, nursing measures should be done well, because, women after gynecological surgery is very weak, if do not pay attention to good health or follow the doctor’s advice drugs, it is easy to attacks caused by bacteria infection, cause pelvic inflammation occurs. Once women have been checked out with pelvic inflammatory disease, we must be timely to the hospital for treatment. How to determine if you have pelvic inflammatory disease.


pelvic inflammation


What symptom does pelvic inflammation have commonly?


1, menstrual diarrhea: female diarrhea is caused by other viscera diseases affected by the gastrointestinal tract, such as some women in pre-menstrual, menstrual period, net half a month and about 40 days of pregnancy with the emergence of early pregnancy reaction and diarrhea, then take antidiarrheal drugs are often ineffective. Women’s menstrual diarrhea is also one of the symptoms caused by pelvic inflammatory disease, but also most women easy to ignore. They often find it difficult to make a direct connection. Because the uterus is located in front of the rectum, the pelvic cavity and the uterus are congested, and the inflammation spreads to the rectum, stimulating the contraction of the rectal mucosa and causing diarrhea.


2, low back pain: when women have pain symptoms, we must not only focus on the waist, because low back pain may be caused by some gynecological inflammation. Pelvic inflammatory disease is the common inflammation of the department of gynaecology that can cause lumbago. The female reproductive organ has inflammation, cause the congestion inside pelvic cavity, swelling, can cause lumbago.


3, dyspenorrhea: many women have severe little stomach pain during menstruation, but because menstruation will disappear naturally after the reason, causing them to ignore it. Gynecological hospital gynecological experts remind: women if there is long-term dyspenorrhea, dyspenorrhea continues to worsen, or also accompanied by infertility, pain, menstrual disorders and other symptoms, must be vigilant, it is likely to be pelvic inflammatory disease, should be timely to the regular hospital examination.


Precautions for prevention of pelvic inflammatory disease:


1,Personal hygiene: keep the perineum clean and menstrual hygiene, try to assign a special person to a special basin, and do not use vulva cleaning fluid at will, avoid postpartum and menstrual sex, and prevent various ways of infection.


2,Keep stool unobstructed: acute or subacute pelvic inflammatory disease patients actively cooperate with doctors to treat the disease while paying attention to avoid constipation, keep stool unobstructed, prevent pelvic abscess from rupturing the intestinal wall, resulting in acute peritonitis.


3,Pay attention to self-examination: pay attention to often observe the amount of leucorrhea, color, taste, quality and other conditions, for abnormal leucorrhea should be timely to the hospital for examination, understand the reason, timely improvement.


4,After menstruation and operation, attention should be paid to: vaginal bleeding after menstruation, postoperative abortion and gynecological surgery such as ring removal, sex life must be prohibited, swimming, bath, sauna bath must be changed frequently, so when the body resistance is reduced, pathogenic bacteria are easy to take the opportunity to enter, causing infection.

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