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What we say allergy is a kind of universal immune system disease, the general human body has a set of physiological protective immune response system and mechanism, that is, when foreign substances (also called antigen), such as some pathogenic microorganisms invade the human body, the human body can produce immunoglobulin through lymphocytes to neutralize or digest the antigen. Allergy is itch, erythema, wind group, edema and other reactions commonly, this can harm the human body of a few normal cells and organs, will be more and more serious, resulting in local or systemic allergy. Allergies can occur at any age and at any time. Children are more likely to have allergic reactions because their immune system is not fully mature and their immunity is worse than that of adults.


Look for the cause of the allergy


The main causes of allergies are as follows:




1,Genetic predisposition: many babies born is allergic constitution, it is easy to produce allergic phenomenon, if allergic constitution of children in physical deterioration, such as stress or even cases exposed to allergens, is very sensitive, if the baby is the physical, had better go to hospital for allergen test, and as far as possible to prevent the baby contact with these allergens.


2,Family heredity: There is a close relationship between allergy and heredity. For example, some parents are allergic to seafood, and generally speaking, children are often allergic to seafood.


3,Family management: Allergies are similar to the upbringing of children. Generally, children who are overprotected will become problems. Children who are indulged can also become problems. Similarly, excessively sterile infant care can make children allergic; But exposing your child to dust mites and fungi can lead to allergies. Therefore, parents’ management and care for their children is also a key factor in whether children will be allergic.


4,Climate change: The climate changes. For example, from winter to spring, everything recovers and the temperature rises, and the temperature difference of the day changes greatly.


5,Environmental factors: Environmental factors are a relatively large reason. The environment is the material basis for our survival, including water, air, land, etc. If children often move with their parents, some children also develop allergic reactions every time they move to a new place.


It may also cause allergies because of some environmental or other reasons. Parents should be careful in daily life, pay more attention to observation and understand their children’s allergens, so as to help their children stay away from allergies.

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