Women must know 10 gynecological knowledge, the last one is particularly important

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It is true that it is difficult to be a woman. There are many gynecological problems encountered by female compatriots. Today, alopah summed up the 10 most common ones. Not only women but also men should learn more.


1.Brown sugar water does not cure dysmenorrhea


Dysmenorrhea is divided into primary and secondary. Primary dysmenorrhea mostly occurs in young women. There is no lesion, but simple pain. It can alleviate primary dysmenorrhea. It is recommended to take painkillers and short-acting contraceptives. Secondary dysmenorrhea is caused by gynecological diseases, which can be solved only by treating related gynecological diseases. No matter what kind of dysmenorrhea, brown sugar water doesn’t work.


2.Do not use personal lotion indiscriminately


In the absence of disease, do not use any private lotion indiscriminately. The particularity of vaginal physiological function. It has self purification function. Frequent cleaning will affect the self purification function of vagina, destroy the balance and cause inflammation. As long as you scrub your vulva with clean water every night and keep it dry, it’s enough to wash your vulva before and after sex.


3.Aunt’s supplies should be replaced in time


Whether sanitary napkins or tampons, including menstrual cups, as long as the product quality is qualified, you can buy one that conforms to your own usage habits. But no matter what you use, you should pay attention to replacing it in time. Some girls like to use pads when they have more secretions. The pads have poor air permeability and are not recommended. Just change your underwear frequently.


4.The first time does not necessarily bleed


Most women don’t bleed during the first sexual intercourse. The ancients said that “the first night is red” because most of the ancients’ women had their first sexual intercourse with a little girl of 14 or 15 years old. The hymen was relatively thick, so there would be injury and bleeding. As women grow older, the hymen will become thinner and the probability of injury and bleeding will be lower. Even if bleeding, it may also be due to improper posture, resulting in vaginal mucosal trauma and bleeding.


To put it bluntly: lack of experience


5.Female masturbation is not ashamed


Limited by the influence of some thoughts, many people think that female masturbation is shameful and immoral, and even wear hats that will harm health. It doesn’t exist! Female masturbation is a normal physiological behavior without psychological burden. As long as the method is appropriate, do not use any dangerous props and pay attention to hygiene and cleaning, there is nothing wrong.


gynecological knowledge


6.Cervical erosion is not a disease


Cervical erosion is not equal to cervicitis, but also not equal to cervical cancer. There is no need to make special treatment for cervical erosion. Misinformation caused by a bad name can really affect for a long time. As soon as many people hear the word “erosion”, they have labeled it as “serious disease”. In fact, cervical erosion is that the cells in the cervix grow outside. Although it looks like “rotten”, it is essentially a normal physiological phenomenon.


7.Pelvic effusion does not need treatment


Pelvic effusion does not cause pelvic inflammation, adnexitis, etc. it also does not need treatment. The organs in the pelvic cavity and abdominal cavity will secrete some liquid to lubricate and protect. It is a normal physiological manifestation.


8.Urinary tract infection should be treated as soon as possible


Because of the particularity of female physiological structure, it is easy to cause urinary tract infection, leading to frequent urination, urgent urination and pain. Therefore, keeping private places clean and dry and keeping sexual behavior clean are very important for the prevention of urethral infection. Drinking plenty of water daily helps to dilute urine, flush urethra, reduce the concentration of pathogenic microorganisms and promote the excretion of urine. The most important thing is not to be shy. Once you find yourself with a suspected urinary tract infection, you must treat it as soon as possible.


9.From the age of 21, cervical cancer screening should be done


The incidence rate of cervical cancer in women is only inferior to that of breast cancer. It is recommended to start screening at the age of 21.


21 ~ 29 years old: TCT (exfoliative cytology) is recommended every 3 years;


30 ~ 65 years old: it is recommended to do TCT and HPV joint examination every 5 years, or continue to do TCT alone every 3 years;


Over 65 years old: if no lesions are found in continuous screening, it can be considered to stop screening, but it is necessary to ensure that the results of the previous three TCT examinations or two joint examinations are normal.


10.Not so many “irregular menstruation”


The menstrual cycle is normal in the range of 21 ~ 35 days, and the duration of menstrual period is normal in the range of 2 ~ 8 days. The standard of irregular menstrual cycle is to look at yourself. Don’t deliberately pursue accurate days. If the menstrual period is irregular, there are many reasons. It is not recommended to take medicine or eat health products at will as soon as it is found. Develop the good habit of observing and recording great aunts. Going to the hospital is the king way if there are problems.


Smart women know how to cherish themselves. Remember these 10 gynecological common sense and care more about themselves!

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