Women’s Health Class: Know 5 gynecological tips to greatly reduce gynecological diseases

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Women of every age should know the relevant gynecological knowledge, once their symptoms appear, choose a regular hospital to receive treatment, so as not to delay the best treatment time, pay attention to personal hygiene, away from gynecological diseases to bring the aggression. Women should understand the 5 gynecological common sense.


1, brown sugar water can not treat dysmenorrhea


The primary dysmenorrhea is mainly caused by elevated prostaglandins, which generally occurs in young women, this group can choose short-acting contraceptives or pain medication to relieve. Secondary dysmenorrhea is mainly caused by gynecological diseases and can only be relieved by treating the related diseases.


2, You don’t need to use vaginal cleanser to cleanse your vagina


The vagina has a “self-purifying” function and does not need to be cleaned deliberately, just use water to scrub the vulva.


gynecological diseases


3, Hygiene products should be changed in time


During menstruation, sanitary napkins should be changed every two hours and pads should be used as little as possible because they have very poor breathability. Underwear should be changed regularly and choose cotton breathable underwear.


4, to often observe the habits of menstruation


Under normal circumstances the menstrual cycle should be 28 days, a week earlier or later is also normal. The regularity of menstruation depends on itself, and does not need to deliberately pursue the number of days. There are many causes of menstrual irregularities, do not use health supplements and drugs at will, to often observe and record menstrual habits, when the problem to go to the hospital in a timely manner.


5, urinary tract infection should be treated in a timely manner


Because women’s physiology is very special, the short urethra can easily lead to urinary tract infections, resulting in frequent urinary urgency. This is mainly because the bacteria entered the bladder or urethral mucosa through the urethral orifice, thus causing pain. To keep the vulva clean and dry, drink more water to dilute the urine, which has the effect of flushing the urethra, while reducing the concentration of microorganisms and promoting the rapid discharge of urine.


Warm tips


As long as women have sex, they should go to the hospital once a year for a gynecological examination, which should be done within 3 to 7 days after their menstruation. You should not intentionally wash your vagina before the examination, just wash your vulva normally. When you find abnormal leucorrhea, irregular menstruation, difficulty in urination or vaginal pain, you should go to the hospital for a gynecological examination.

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