Women’s health “roadblock”, inventory of common 6 types of gynecological diseases, good prevention is the key

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All women who have a sexual life are at high risk of gynecological diseases, bringing great distress to life, even threatening health and reducing the quality of sexual life. Especially these kinds of gynecological diseases are common and need to be taken seriously.


What gynecological diseases are most common?


1, pelvic inflammatory disease


Pelvic inflammation is an inflammation that occurs in the pelvic reproductive organs, pelvic peritoneum and surrounding connective tissue. If acute pelvic inflammatory disease is not effectively treated, it can become chronic, with a long and stubborn onset. It is important to pay attention to personal hygiene during this period to prevent the retrograde flow of bacteria.


2, Vaginitis


Vaginitis is a gynecological disease caused by fungal, bacterial mycobacterial or Candida infections. Its main manifestations are abnormal leucorrhea, a distinct burning sensation in the vulva, pain during sexual intercourse, and frequent, urgent and painful urination. During this period, pay attention to hygiene, control the number of sexual intercourse, and treat both husband and wife together to prevent cross-infection.


gynecological diseases


3, Dysmenorrhea


Dysmenorrhea is obvious abdominal pain or other discomfort such as nausea and vomiting before and after menstruation or during menstruation, which can affect normal life and work. During this period, you can drink brown sugar and ginger water or use hot water bags to apply hot compresses to the lower abdomen to reduce pain. You should not eat cold food, avoid getting cold, and pay more attention to rest.


4, Bacterial vaginitis


Bacterial vaginitis is caused by chlamydia, bacteria or mycoplasma infection. It is mainly characterized by abnormal vaginal discharge, burning and itching in the vulva. The couple should be treated together, avoid sexual intercourse during the period, not wear tight underwear, wash the vulva frequently and pay attention to personal hygiene to prevent recurrence of gynecological diseases.


5, Mammary gland hyperplasia


Mammary gland hyperplasia occurs in women from 25 to 40 years old, with obvious breast swelling and pain before menstruation, which can disappear after menstruation and with lumps. During this period, it is important to maintain a positive and optimistic mood, not to be too irritable, to keep a regular routine, and to go to the hospital for regular checkups. If a lump is found, it should be treated immediately through surgery, keep a light diet and avoid using drugs containing estrogen.


6, mastitis


Mastitis usually occurs in women who are breastfeeding after giving birth, with self-induced pain in the breast, red and hot skin on the surface of the breast, and hard lumps when touched by hand. During this period, pay more attention to rest, not to do heavy physical labor, to maintain a positive and optimistic mood, if abnormalities need timely treatment.


Warm tips


These are common gynecological diseases, no matter what diseases you suffer from, choose the regular hospital for treatment, do not use drugs indiscriminately, usually pay attention to personal hygiene, keep the vulva clean and hygienic, avoid doing heavy physical labor and strenuous exercise.

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