15 household first aid kits should be prepared. Help at the critical moment!

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15 household first aid kits should be prepared. Help at the critical moment! When the family is attacked by an emergency, in addition to mastering the necessary first-aid measures, the family should also have a first-aid kit with the following drugs and equipment!


1.Alcohol cotton: used to disinfect hands or pliers before first aid.


2.Gloves and masks: can prevent the rescuer from being infected.


3.Normal saline: used to clean the wound. Based on hygiene requirements, it is best to choose independent small packaging or neutral bottle packaging. It should be noted that the leftover after opening should be thrown away and not put into the first aid kit. If there is no normal saline, you can use unopened distilled water or mineral water instead. 15 household first aid kits should be prepared. Help at the critical moment!


4.Disinfection gauze: used to cover the wound and isolate the possibility of re pollution.


5.Bandage: used to bind and fix the wound without interfering with blood circulation.


6.Triangular towel: it is mainly used to suspend the affected limb and bind and fix the wound. It is similar to bandage. If there is no triangular towel in an emergency, it can be replaced by scarf.


household first aid kits


7.Safety pin: fix triangular towel or bandage.


8.Tape: paper tape can fix gauze, which is suitable for almost everyone because it does not stimulate skin.


9.Band Aid: suitable for covering small wounds. It is recommended to cover larger wounds with sterile gauze.


10.Preservative paper: wrap the burned and scalded parts before sending them to the hospital by taking advantage of its characteristics that it will not cling to the wound.


11.a face mask or artificial breathing mask: when using artificial respiration, mask or mask can prevent infection and protect rescuers.


12.Round head scissors and pliers: round head scissors are relatively safe and can be used to cut bandages or adhesive tapes. If necessary, it can be used to cut clothes. Forceps can replace holding dressings with both hands, or forceps to remove dirt from wounds, etc. 15 household first aid kits should be prepared. Help at the critical moment!


13.Flashlight: firstly, the flashlight can be used for emergency lighting. At the same time, the flashlight can conduct pupil light reflection experiment for comatose patients.


14.Cotton swab (cotton swab): used to clean bleeding wounds with small area.


15.Ice bag: when muscle strain or burn occurs, placing it on the injured part can relieve pain and reduce swelling. In case of nosebleed, it can be placed on the forehead of the injured person to effectively help stop bleeding.

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