6 essential items that can’t be missed in the first aid kit at home

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With the strengthening of the popularization of family first aid kits, more and more families have prepared family first aid kits, but how to choose standing items has become a difficult choice. Must the first aid kits be full of drugs? In fact, alopah will sort out 6 kinds of household items for you and bid farewell to selection difficulties.


1,All kinds of cold / hot compress bags. Whether adults or children, accidental bruises, sprains to the foot, muscle strains, careless sprains during playing are all emergencies that we often have to deal with in our life. At this time, standing cold compress bags can relieve pain, relieve swelling and reduce blood stasis. Then using hot compress bags can help disperse the blood stasis as soon as possible and promote blood circulation.


2,Disposable dressing supplies. Wound stickers, gauze, medical tape, medical cotton balls, cotton sticks, etc. are all good tools for treating minor injuries. As the most commonly used hemostatic tool, it is best to prepare several preventive tools with different specifications and areas.


 first aid kit


3,Disposable masks and disinfection articles. At present, everyone should wear disposable masks and be responsible for the health of themselves and others; Disinfection alcohol or disinfection paper towel can play a role in sterilization and disinfection whether it is daily cleaning or sterilization and disinfection after going home.


4,Tools. Commonly used mechanical tools such as thermometer, scissors and tweezers. The thermometer can choose mercury thermometer or ear temperature gun thermometer. For babies who can’t hold the mercury thermometer tightly, ear temperature thermometer is a good choice. If you have symptoms of fever, you need to take cold medicine or see a doctor in time.


5,Family standing drug selection. The selection criteria for family reserve drugs are as follows, which can be adjusted by referring to yourself:


(1) Whether the prepared drugs meet the common diseases or emergencies at home.


(2) Whether the storage of drugs meets the conventional dose or temperature.


(3) The medicine box is marked with the expiration date, and the expired drugs must be cleaned up to prevent accidental ingestion.


6,Select for seasonal climate. In hot summer, the family should always have heat clearing and detoxifying drugs, mosquito repellent water, hot cold drugs, digestive AIDS, etc. to prevent heatstroke or indigestion; In cold winter, the family should always have Chilblain Cream, prevention and treatment of colds, warm the baby and other common items

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