6 small home first aid skills, don’t do it wrong again!

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Traveling in the world, home travel, who does not have a little bump, headaches and fever? But without the right skills, not only is it useless, but also the more help! But do not panic! Alopah today gathered some correct first aid knowledge, all in one breath to give you, I hope you can remember these small skills, better care for others, to protect themselves!


Scrape, use the red potion to disinfect?

✘ Red salve can not be disinfected!


Life can not avoid some bumps and bruises of mild trauma, take the red potion disinfection is not reliable. Red saline contains mercury ions in its composition, which may cause mercury poisoning if used too much. In addition, the penetration of red saline is very weak and the disinfection effect is not very reliable.


✔ Best recommendation – Iodine


Iodine is highly effective in disinfecting most bacteria, including molds. It is mild (low toxicity) and has minimal irritation to the skin. It is suitable for disinfection of broken wounds of skin and mucous membranes, such as abrasions, shallow cuts, etc.


Swallowing rice balls when a fish spike is stuck in your throat?

✘ Forced swallowing can add insult to injury!


Forced swallowing of something to eat may coincidentally get rid of the tiny fish spines that are shallowly lodged, but it may also scratch the fragile and delicate pharynx and esophageal mucosa. Moreover, there are many important organs around the esophagus (trachea, aorta, etc.), so if a large and hard fish spike is stuck, swallowing something may make the fish spike lodge deeper, and the lighter one will become infected and inflamed, and if it pierces the esophagus or even a blood vessel, it may even be life-threatening!


✔ Going to the hospital as soon as possible is the way to go!


Try to let the doctor handle it. Most of the fish spines are stuck in the bilateral tonsil fossa, the root of the tongue and the laryngopharynx, and the above locations are very shallow, so the doctor can take them out with a light and a tweezer.


Burned skin, put some toothpaste on it?

✘ Toothpaste and soy sauce don’t work!


Can you put some toothpaste or soy sauce to relieve the pain when you get splashed with oil or accidentally burned by hot water? No! These “local remedies” not only have no exact therapeutic effect, but sometimes contaminate the wound of burns, bringing the risk of infection. In addition, the unauthorized application of something to the wound may also affect the doctor’s observation and judgment of the wound.


✔ Washing with cold water is the first step!


For small burns, you can quickly rinse with cold water, which can reduce the heat of the skin surface in the first place and also effectively relieve pain. Correct practice: put the burned part, put it under the tap and rinse for 30~90 minutes. Or soak it in clean cold water for 30~90 minutes.


 first aid knowledge


Can I pull out my own ear if I get a small flying insect in it?

✘ Pulling it out directly will make the bugs burrow deeper and deeper!


If a small flying insect gets into the outer ear canal and you pull it out directly with your finger or cotton swab, it will only make the small living insect burrow deeper and deeper in the outer ear canal, thus causing ear pain and unbearable noise, and if it touches the eardrum it will also cause vertigo and tinnitus, making it very uncomfortable.


✔ First put some drops of this before going to the hospital!


Please put drops of alcohol, white wine or sesame oil into your ear first to anesthetize and kill the little bug, and then remove it with tweezers or flush it out with water. However, it is best to go to the hospital and let the doctor solve the problem. It is very easy to damage the external ear canal or eardrum by yourself.


A nosebleed, tilt your head to stop the bleeding?

✘ Tilting your head can irritate your throat and stomach!


Many people habitually tilt their heads high when they have a nosebleed so that the blood stops flowing out, this is wrong. Tilting the head will make the blood flow into the throat and stomach, causing adverse stimulation, choking or vomiting, and in serious cases, choking into the trachea and lungs.


✔ Correct practice should be leaning forward!


The correct practice is to sit with your body leaning forward. Use your thumb and index finger to pinch both sides of your nose at the same time for 10 to 15 minutes and breathe through your mouth. If the nosebleed is still flowing, you can repeat the same action for 15 minutes. Most nosebleeds are benign and will stop slowly on their own. However, if the bleeding does not stop after 30 minutes, you should go to the hospital immediately.


Can I rub my child’s body with alcohol if he has a fever?

✘ Alcohol rubbing can cool the body, but it can also be allergic!


When a child has a fever, some mothers rub their bodies with alcohol to lower the body temperature. Alcohol evaporates quickly and does have a certain effect on heat dissipation, but children under 3 years old have a thin skin stratum corneum and the isopropyl alcohol contained in alcohol can be quickly absorbed by the skin, which can easily trigger allergies or even alcohol poisoning in children, so parents who use alcohol to lower their temperature must be careful!


✔ More than 38.5℃, follow the doctor’s advice to give your child medicine!


More than 38.5 ℃, should follow the doctor’s instructions to give children to take antipyretic drugs. During fever, make sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration caused by excessive sweating. For infants under 1 year of age, a fever of 38.5°C or more should be promptly followed by medical attention and needs to be investigated for serious infections or diseases.

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