Child foreign body card throat: don’t pat back! Save millions of lives in one heimlich maneuver!

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Children can get their airways blocked at home by quail eggs, whole grapes, sticky dumplings, nuts, popcorn, and even the family’s buttons, electronics, and beads. While we learn to put away our own things, we also need to learn some skills to be ready for emergencies. To prevent this, we can learn a little bit from now on!


Foreign body obstruction, which is common in children under 3 years of age, is one of the most common fatal injuries in children’s lives, and you should pay special attention to it.


1 year old baby trachea thin, chewing ability is not perfect, curious about what all like to put in the mouth. Older children are mischievous, playing and eating at the same time, and with it comes danger. Some children can turn blue and stop breathing within seconds.


Among them, food aspiration is the main cause of foreign body inhalation in children, which mainly causes airway obstruction, asphyxia and death in severe cases. What can we do in a similar situation?


1, the method of handling aspiration


The most important thing is to clean up the mouth after a child has a suction. Most of the time, the child is choking when eating or vomiting. You can clean up the visible food in the mouth first to prevent more inhalation.


Misunderstanding: do not use the way to pat the baby’s back, and do not directly use the hand to dig the foreign body, because these two behaviors will only make the foreign body fall deeper.


In the first place, parents should help the child to change position, lean forward, face the floor, open the mouth, cough hard, while parents help the child’s mouth and throat can be seen clean.


2, judgment: does the child need first aid?


Observe for hypoxia symptoms: inability to cough or make noises, dyspnea, purple lips, etc.


If there are no symptoms of hypoxia, the child should be encouraged to autonomously expel the foreign body or be assisted with the Heimlich Maneuver.


If hypoxia is present, call 120 immediately and apply the Heimlich first aid.


3, first aid: different age is different


heimlich maneuver


Children 1 and older: Heimlich maneuver


The first aid stands or kneels behind the child, puts both hands around the child’s waist, makes a fist with one hand, pushes the thumb side of the clenched fist tightly against the child’s midline of the abdomen above the umbilical cord and below the sternum, holds the clenched hand with the other hand, and presses the child’s abdomen upward rapidly, repeatedly rapidly, until the foreign body is discharged.


For babies under 1 year of age, we can use the back punch and the chest punch.


1, turn the baby face down in a straddle on one side of your forearm, head slightly lower than the chest, on the same side of the palm to support the baby’s head and jaw, arms can be placed on the same side of the thigh.


2, Tap the area between the shoulder blades of the baby with the palm root on the other side, and give a strong back blow for 5 times in a row.


3, fix the baby’s back neck, flip into a supine position lying on your side of the forearm, the same side of the palm to support the head and neck, the head is slightly lower than the torso about 30 degrees, the arm can be placed on the same side of the thigh.


4, Press the sternum at the lower edge of the midpoint of the nipple line with the index finger and middle finger of the other side of the hand, and give 5 consecutive strong chest impact, inward and upward, 1 time per second.


5, Repeat 5 back blows and 5 chest shocks until the foreign body passes out or the baby loses consciousness.


These knowledge is very practical, I suggest that you go to find some videos, find a model practice, nip in the bud must be right! Today’s article to share here, about the baby foreign body obstruction, do you have any touching story to share with you? You are welcome to leave interactive comments in the comments section. Also welcome you to like comment forward, is to give me the biggest encouragement.

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