Choking and drinking cold water after heatstroke are not reliable, wrong first aid is counterproductive! To prevent heatstroke correctly, remember eight words!

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Three volts is the hottest time of the year, and it lasts for 40 days this year. The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Beijing Health Commission have previously issued warnings that the elderly, infants, children, people with mental illness and chronic diseases are more likely to suffer from heat stroke. Heat stroke may occur even in healthy young people when they do heavy physical labor or strenuous physical exercise in hot weather. The prevention and first aid of heat stroke should be scientific; Wrong first aid is not only counterproductive, but also harmful.


After heatstroke, do not delay cooling, hydrating, and seeking medical attention


Why can person get sunstroke? According to the chief physician of emergency medicine, when the body temperature rises, the skin sweats to evaporate heat; In the environment of high temperature, high humidity and strong heat radiation, the heat accumulated in the body increases suddenly, the function of sweating heat dissipation fails, the body temperature continues to rise, leading to the important organs of the human body cells are “burned”, this is heatstroke.


There are three types of heat stroke from mild to severe:


1.Heat stroke


In a high temperature environment, dizziness, excessive sweating, fatigue, nausea, inattention and other manifestations indicate that the body has been dehydrated. This time immediately remedial is still in time, should be timely to the shade to rest, most can be gradually relieved.


2.Heat stroke


In addition to nausea and vomiting, it is also accompanied by increased heart rate, increased body temperature, uncoordinated movements, etc., which is not easily relieved after rest and drinking water. Seek medical treatment immediately and timely disposal can also return to normal.


3.Severe heat stroke


Abnormal body temperature regulation ability, manifested as high fever, coma, and even convulsions, sudden death. At this time to the high risk of death from heat stroke stage, should not be handled by themselves, must be treated as soon as possible to the hospital.




There are three steps in first aid for heatstroke:




Once you find the aura of heat stroke, you should help them to a cool and ventilated place, keep them in a supine position, loosen the collar and fan them to promote heat dissipation and cooling.


Rapid cooling determines the prognosis of patients. Transfer the patient to a well ventilated, low temperature environment, remove clothing, and perform skin and muscle massage to promote heat dissipation. If the patient is not collapsing, immerse the rest of the body except the head in cold water as much as possible, and keep stirring the water to keep cold water on the skin. Place ice cubes wrapped in wet towels around the top of the head.


If the patient is collapsing, use evaporative cooling, which is repeated wiping of the skin with cold water, or use an electric fan or air conditioner.


2.The filling water


Let the patient sip light salt water or salty beverage to replace the lost fluid.


3.Go to a doctor


If the above measures are taken, the heatstroke person still does not improve, or even appears high fever, coma, convulsions and other manifestations, then do not forcibly feed water to avoid coughing, and should immediately call “120”, to the hospital for treatment. While waiting for help, keep the patient lying on his/her back with head to one side and airway unobstructed.


Wrong first aid, not only counterproductive, there are other hazards


However, many people will make mistakes in self-aid after heatstroke.


1.Pinching people doesn’t help


Some people see other people fainting from heat stroke will directly go up to pinch. In this regard, neurosurgery chief physician pointed out that heat stroke pinch to no avail. The fundamental cause of heatstroke is a serious imbalance in the balance between heat production and heat dissipation, so the first thing we need to do is to cool down and get away from the heat source. Pinch people can only play a role in stimulating pain, and the same as the thigh pinch, can not be used for first aid. Especially for coma patients, sometimes pinch may even cause aspiration asphyxia because of pain stimulation, but there is a potential risk of illness aggravation.


2.drinking cold water beware of “water poisoning”


After heatstroke, you need to hydrate properly, but it is not recommended to drink a lot of cold water. Because a lot of sweating will be accompanied by electrolyte loss, if you just drink a lot of cold water at this time, it will lead to dilution hyponatraemia, which is commonly known as “water poisoning”, and may cause cerebral edema coma when it is serious. At this time to drink a small amount of water, many times, divided drink, appropriate add some salt will have a better effect.


3.Huoxiang Zhengqi water may aggravate dehydration


People often think that huoxiang Zhengqi Water is a “magic medicine” for heat stroke. But Weng does not recommend using huoxiang Zhengqi Water after heat stroke. There are two main reasons: first, huoxiang Zhengqi Water is mainly used to solve the superficial dampness, qi and zhong, for the cold caused by external wind cold, internal injury dampness stagnation or summer injury and heat dampness, namely heat cold; Heatstroke is not among the indications of Huoxiang Zhengqi Water. Secondly, the alcohol content of Huoxiang Zhengqi water is 40 to 50 percent, which may cause serious dehydration and heat stroke injury.


4.Taking antipyretics is counterproductive


Some people think heatstroke is hot, take antipyretic medicine. The mechanism of heat stroke and fever is different from that of fever caused by bacterial or viral infections, Weng said. Heat caused by heatstroke is caused by the heat accumulation in the body caused by the blockage of the heat dissipation center of the human body, which can not be dissipated through sweating. And antipyretic mainly through body sweating to achieve the purpose of cooling, taking antipyretic after heatstroke will backfire. Therefore, physical cooling is the first choice after heatstroke.


Prevent heat stroke, avoid heat stroke, sun protection and keep hydrated


How to prevent heatstroke at ordinary times? Doctors say to remember eight words – stay hot, keep in the sun and stay hydrated.


Prepare plain water and salty electrolyte drinks In addition to plain water for long outdoor activities or work in summer, you can also choose some salty drinks, namely electrolyte drinks containing sodium chloride. Pay attention to the ingredients when you buy, and avoid drinks high in sugar to avoid losing more body fluids. Do not drink cold drinks to avoid stomach cramps.


Go out to prevent the sun, do not go out at noon unnecessary after 10 am, before 4 PM in the heat exposure to walk for a long time or strong physical labor. If you must go outside, you should take sunscreen measures, such as wearing sunscreen clothes, wearing a hat, sunglasses, using a sunshade, and applying sunscreen. Once dizziness and other discomfort appear, as soon as possible to a cool, ventilated place to rest.


Indoor cooling If the indoor temperature exceeds 28 ° C, turn on the fan or air conditioner.

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