Collect this daily first aid knowledge, the critical moment can save life!

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Emergency rescue is very important for people in emergency. In a critical moment, early rescue is more than a minute of hope. These first aid knowledge must be firmly remembered oh!


1.The cerebral hemorrhage


Dial 120 immediately.


Lay the patient on his/her back in bed, keep the environment quiet, and do not shake the patient violently.


Pay close attention to the patient’s temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure and other indicators.


Turn the patient’s head to one side to prevent secretions or vomitus from blocking the airway.




If the patient has fever, an ice bag or a cold towel can be applied to the forehead to lower the local temperature.


Acute myocardial infarction (ami)


Rest quietly and avoid unnecessary lifting.


Chew aspirin 100-300 mg as appropriate.


Acute myocardial infarction must not go to the hospital by themselves, must immediately call the emergency phone.


2.Cerebral apoplexy


Keep quiet, stay in bed, do not lift the pillow and avoid unnecessary movement, especially do not allow the head to be shaken.


Keep airway unblocked, do not feed water, feed medicine, so as not to cause suffocation.


If a coma occurs, you should take a “stable side position” and call emergency services to send to the hospital in time.


daily first aid knowledge


3.Having trouble breathing


Place client on flat floor.


Remove vomitus and secretions in time.


Hold the victim’s jaw so that he or she lifts her head and keeps the surrounding area quiet.




If the patient has pink foamy secretions, keep the patient semi-lying or sitting to reduce congestion in the lungs and increase abdominal breathing.


If the patient has respiratory cardiac arrest, perform artificial respiration and cardiac resuscitation immediately, and call 120 first aid.




Care should be taken to protect the patient’s airway and prevent aspiration.


If necessary, gauze or tongue depressor pad can be used between the patient’s upper and lower teeth.


If the convulsions stop and the patient enters a comatose state, place the patient in the lateral position, turn the head to one side and pat the back appropriately to allow saliva and vomiting to flow out of the patient’s mouth.




Do not press the patient’s limbs forcibly. If the seizure persists, seek medical attention immediately.




Can induce vomiting, reduce the body’s absorption of alcohol.


You can eat pears, oranges, watermelon, radish and so on.


If you are unconscious, you should take a “stable side position” to prevent choking due to vomiting, and call emergency services in time. Do not vomit or oral gastric lavage at this time, so as not to cause suffocation.

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