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In life, almost all of us will encounter some accidental situations, when we encounter these accidents, if not done properly, it is likely to cause unpredictable harm to themselves or others, so it is very necessary to master a certain amount of first aid knowledge, the following follow Alopah together to understand some of the first aid tips that can often be encountered in life.


1、Foreign objects in the eyes


First of all, blink hard and often, use tears to wash out the foreign body; or pinch up the eyelids, and then rinse the eyes under the faucet, remember to remove the contact lenses; if it is a corrosive liquid into the eyes, you must immediately seek medical attention.




Mild sprains, should first cold compress the affected area, 24 hours later switch to hot compress, do not move the injured joint at will, otherwise it is easy to cause ligament tears.


3、Electrical shock body


Quickly cut off the power supply; can not find the gate, the insulator can be used to pick open the wire or cut the wire; electrocution will be carried to a ventilated place, undress, if you stop breathing, must do mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration.


first aid tips




Mild heatstroke, heatstroke can be carried quickly to a cool, ventilated place to rest, take off or undress, use a wet towel sassafras body, cooling. If the heat stroke is serious, appearing delirious, should be immediately sent to the hospital.




Immediately rinse with cold water or cold compress scalded parts, lasting about 15 minutes. Do not apply medicine to the wound without permission, if the wound has blisters, and do not need to pick through, to go to the hospital.


6、Foreign body inhalation first aid method


If a foreign body accidentally enters the trachea or esophagus, let the patient’s head face down and pat his back to prevent the foreign body from blocking the trachea and causing asphyxia.


7、First aid for infant choking


If an infant suffocates while breastfeeding or feeding, the child should be immediately turned upside down and tapped on the buttocks to expel the blockage in the trachea. If you encounter an infant or toddler who is sleeping or swaddled too tightly and suffocated, you should immediately mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration and quickly send to the hospital.


8、Nose bleeding


Pinch the two nasal wings with your fingers for 4-8 minutes, or fill the nasal cavity with cotton balls soaked in ice water to stop the bleeding by pressure. If these methods still can not stop the bleeding, you should immediately go to the hospital.




Rinse your mouth with warm water and use a toothpick to remove the food from the cavity. After that, rinse the mouth with baking soda and fill in the small pills made of baking soda; take aspirin orally.


10、Cardiopulmonary resuscitation


For patients whose respiration suddenly stops and whose heartbeat still exists, artificial respiration can be performed by first moving the patient quickly to a spacious place with air circulation, paying attention to warmth, unfastening the patient’s clothes collar, pants, etc., and cushioning the back and waist, tilting the head back slightly, removing the dentures, sand and other objects in the mouth that hinder breathing, while putting a towel between the upper and lower teeth and making the mouth slightly open. The practitioner holds the patient’s chin with one hand, pinches the patient’s nose with the other hand, inhales deeply and then blows hard into the patient’s mouth, then relaxes the patient’s nose, and so on repeatedly, 16 to 20 times per minute, until breathing is restored.

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