First aid guide for electrocution in a rainstorm

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How to give first aid after an electric shock on a rainy day? The impact of electrocution on the body is very large, if it is more powerful electricity, then it will die on the spot, and the process of electrocution to death is just a few dozen seconds. Therefore, if you see someone electrocuted on a rainy day, and you know how to give first aid, be sure to promptly rescue.


How can you tell if you have been electrocuted?


The lighter ones will show painful muscle contraction, panic, pale face, headache, dizziness, palpitations. In severe cases, there will be loss of consciousness, shock, cardiac arrest. Severe ventricular arrhythmias, pulmonary edema, gastrointestinal bleeding, coagulation dysfunction, and acute kidney injury occur after electrocution.


Judgment is electrocution after the first aid should be promptly. Rescue electrocution, the rescuer to do the first step is to let the electrocution from the power. A minute earlier power off, a minute earlier to live. But the premise of going out of power is that the rescuer must ensure that they are not electrocuted, otherwise it is not only difficult to save people, but also lead to their own electrocution death or injury.


How to safely let the electrocution from the power?


If it is a high-voltage electrocution accident, should immediately through the relevant departments to stop the electricity.


If it is a low-voltage electrocution accident, the following methods are available.


1,Pull the power switch near the place of electrocution. However, attention should be paid to the usual checks to prevent the single-line switch from breaking the zero line without disconnecting the power supply.


2, if there is no power switch or plug near the electrocution, can be used by the emergency electrician with insulated pliers or with a dry wooden handle axe, shovel immediately cut the cable, disconnect the power. Or use dry boards and other insulating objects inserted into the body of the electrocution to isolate the power.


3, when the wire hitch in the electrocution or pressed under the body, with dry clothes, gloves, rope, boards, sticks and other insulators as tools, pull the electrocution or pull the wire, so that the electrocution from the power. Do not rescue the electrocution with your bare hands.


Note: Do not use your hands directly to pull electrocuted people, to prevent group injury electrocution accident.


Although these methods, but the average passer-by is difficult to do to ensure that they are not electrocuted to rescue people, because they do not have insulated shoes, gloves, hand pliers and other sufficient insulation to protect themselves; and it is difficult to determine where in the water in the end is the leakage of electricity, rashly close, quite dangerous. Therefore, once you find someone in the water electrocuted to the ground, the correct way to deal with passers-by is: do not rashly approach to help.




How to rescue?


After the electrocution from the power supply, should be immediately moved to a dry and ventilated place, and then according to the situation quickly for on-site rescue, while notifying medical personnel to the scene, ready to send to the hospital.


The following methods can be used to rescue and treat:


Let the electrocuted person lie on his back on the board or floor, quickly untie the tight clothes that prevent the electrocuted person from breathing, such as loosening the collar, tie, blouse, trouser belt, scarf, etc. Observe whether the electrocuted person has a pulse and breathing, whether the loss of consciousness. The specific method is to call the electrocuted person, or tap their shoulders. So how can you tell if a person’s heart has stopped? Touch the carotid artery with the tips of your index and middle fingers and feel if the artery is beating.


If the respiration and heartbeat of the electrocution victim have stopped, cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be used for treatment. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation includes three basic measures: open airway, mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration and chest cardiac compression. In addition, it should be sent to the hospital as soon as possible, do not stop the rescue on the way.


So how to complete the judgment and implementation of CPR? Here is a flow chart worth learning again and again.


1,First remove the foreign body in the mouth


If there is food, dentures, phlegm, blood clots and other foreign objects in the mouth of the electrocution victim, immediately turn the patient’s head to the side and quickly insert a finger or two fingers crossed from the corner of the mouth to remove foreign objects from the mouth. Then put one hand on the forehead of the electrocution, the other finger will be the skeleton jaw bone upward, the two hands together to push the head back, the tongue is then lifted, the airway can be open.


2,Mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration


Rescuers own deep breath, the mouth of the electrocution (two mouth to mouth tight do not leak) will blow into the air. In order to make the air does not leak from the nostrils, you can pinch the nostrils with one hand, stop blowing after the expansion of the chest wall of the electrocution, so that the chest wall retracts itself and exhale air. This is repeatedly done. For adults blowing 2 seconds, stop 3 seconds, 5 seconds once. Adults 12 to 16 times per minute, children 18 to 24 times.


3,Perform chest cardiac compressions


The rescuer places the palm of the hand on the sternum of the electrocution victim at the intersection of the sternum and rib cage fossa (shown in the figure below), presses vertically, and presses and relaxes for equal time. The compression frequency is 100 to 120 per minute, and the sternum is sunk 4 to 5 cm. Generally mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration and chest compressions should be alternated by doing 30 chest compressions and 2 artificial respirations.


Finally, I would like to tell you, in the case of ensuring the safety of the scene environment, as soon as possible to the electrocution of the first rescue, if there are no conditions to ensure their own safety then do not rashly rescue, should immediately through the relevant departments to stop the power, and then call the emergency phone to seek professional rescue.

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