Five first aid guides for everyday accidents that everyone is advised to know

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It is inevitable that accidents will occur in our daily life. The correct first aid at the first time can greatly prevent the progress of the disease. Here are five common ways to deal with accidents.




Burns are the most common injury of everyday life. The burn of large area need not consider, direct dial 120 send hospital processing. And the daily life is often ignored is small burns, such as a blister was scalded by oil, fire broke the skin and so on. It would have been okay to take care of it, but some people make their wounds worse with their own manipulation. Common useful toothpaste, pot ash, cooling oil and so on on the wound, and even some people take a needle to puncture blisters. These methods are not desirable! It can cause festering and infection.


So what’s the right way? Keep away from the heat source after first scalding, and then gently remove the clothing near the wound. Secondly, rinse the wound with water of 15~20℃ for about half an hour. Note that if the blisters are small, they will be absorbed by themselves. If the blisters are large, they will not be picked up by themselves. It may induce infection.


2.The cut


Cuts are an inevitable part of life. Clinical still see some people sprinkle some flour, soot in the wound to stop bleeding, and then lead to wound infection. Do not sprinkle these unsterilized substances on your wounds.


The correct way to treat a cut is here. For minor wounds, use a band-aid. For large wounds and bleeding, a tourniquet can be tied near the heart of the wound to minimize bleeding and seek medical attention in time. If cut by a foreign object, such as a rusty nail, dirty glass, bamboo stick, etc., and the cut is deep. So in addition to timely bleeding to the wound, but also vaccination tetanus vaccine, to avoid the infestation of tetanus bacillus.


first aid guides




Sprains can occur at any age, but ankle and waist injuries are particularly common. Many people start applying hot compresses after sprains, which can make the swelling worse. Do not blindly massage after sprain, may lead to subcutaneous bleeding.


So what’s the right thing to do? Ice is needed the first day after a sprain to control the spread of inflammation. The swelling can be reduced by applying heat the next day.


4.Throat fish bone


Fish bone in the throat, usually does not affect breathing, but when swallowing foreign body sensation. There are many folk remedies, such as drinking vinegar and eating steamed bread. These methods do not help, but may make the bones more tightly stuck and more likely to slide down with the swallowing, damaging the esophagus. Therefore, after being stuck, do not try to eat the thorn to hit down, but should be timely medical treatment.




Spring to a lot of people’s anger also followed, anger is easy to appear suddenly nosebleed phenomenon. The first reaction of many people with nosebleeds is to hold their head up and pinch their nose, but in fact this does not stop the bleeding. Instead, holding their head up causes blood to flow into the esophagus, causing stomach irritation.


The correct method should be the body slightly forward to press the middle of the nose with the fingers, to achieve the purpose of pressure hemostasis.


It is recommended that you know these first aid facts, but I hope that you will not use them.

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