Food poisoning prevention and self-help tips

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Food poisoning generally has the characteristics of short incubation period and obvious symptoms, and its clinical manifestations are vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, dizziness, fatigue, etc., and even life-threatening in severe cases. Therefore, once the occurrence of food poisoning, do not panic, should be calm analysis of the cause of the disease, distinguish the food may cause poisoning, and the length of time to take effective measures in time.


How to prevent food poisoning in daily life?


1,Pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands frequently;


2,Advocate food “buy now, cook now, eat now”, try not to eat leftovers, overnight dishes;


3,Soak and wash vegetables and fruits before eating;


4,Choose and buy ingredients, cooked food, cold dishes should be careful;


5,Be careful to eat aquatic products that can easily cause food poisoning, such as puffer fish and crab;


6,Eat packaged food immediately, pay attention to the production date, shelf life and other basic information, do not eat food that has been placed for a long time or beyond the shelf life;


7,Enhance self-prevention awareness, do not eat food that can easily cause poisoning, such as aconite, aconite, rare wild bacteria, etc.;


8,Choose safe cooking methods. If the gyngook is cooked after the discard of green germ can be eaten, should not be eaten raw or a large number of edible.


Food poisoning


Food poisoning tips:


1,Vomiting. Taking time 1-2h, patients can be awake vomiting. Induce vomiting by drinking lots of water and pressing the back of the tongue with a finger or spoon.


2,Catharsis. Take laxatives for more than 3 hours to push food out of the body as quickly as possible.


3,Detoxification. If it is to eat metamorphic fish, shrimp, crabs and other food poisoning, appropriate amount of vinegar dilution after taking; If you ingest a spoilt drink or preservative, douse large quantities of milk or other protein drinks immediately. In addition, to prevent vomit from blocking the airway causing suffocation, food poisoning should be placed on the side; Take a sample of vomit or stool to identify the cause, etc.


Seriously ill or no self-rescue ability as soon as possible to call the emergency phone or medical institutions for medical treatment.

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