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As the saying goes, “First aid is like saving a life”. In daily life, accidental injuries are hard to avoid and predict. If we do not timely treatment or improper operation, it is likely to cause harm to ourselves or others. Therefore, it is necessary to master some knowledge of first aid. So, what are the common first aid knowledge in daily life?


I accidentally got sand in my eye


The eye is the most delicate organ and can’t accommodate any foreign matter. When foreign bodies enter your eyes, the most taboo is to rub your eyes or wipe your eyes with a dry paper towel or towel. The correct approach is to open your eyes, ask your partner to help open the eyelid, carefully examine the white of the eye (bulbar conjunctiva), lower eyelid and cornea. If the foreign body is in the eyelid or the white of the eye, you can use paper towels dipped in a little pure water to gently wipe off the foreign body (at home, it is best to use cotton swabs dipped in a little antibiotic eyedrops to wipe off the foreign body); If the foreign body is in the upper eyelid, cornea, or embedded deep, it must be dealt with in time to the hospital.


fish bone throat


After the fish bone card throat, should immediately stop eating, mouth hair “ah” sound, let the family with the help of light or flashlight, see where the fish bone, and then tweezers clip out. After the fish bone is removed, there will still be a foreign body sensation in the throat in a short time, which is the cause of local mucosal abrasion, do not mind.


A small flying bug burrows into the ear canal


After small flying bug suddenly gets into ear canal, must not dig it with finger or other thing, lest small flying bug more drill deeper, in case drill breaks eardrum, can cause hearing to drop. The right way to do this is to go to a dark place, shine a flashlight on the ear canal, and use the insect’s phototropy to draw out the flying insect. You can also drop a few drops of cooking oil into the ear canal so that the wings of the flying insect are too wet to open, and then remove the insect from the ear canal with an ear spoon.


Choking on food


If the patient is still able to talk or cough, it indicates that the airway is not completely blocked. It is better to let the patient cough himself. If the patient is conscious but unable to cough out the choking food on his or her own, the Heimlich maneuver involves pressing rapidly up the patient’s upper abdomen to push the food out of the airway. If the patient does not respond to the call, immediately open his mouth, with the index finger against the side of his mouth, deep into the mouth and out of the hook sweep action until the food is cleared.




Nosebleed when the head, not only can not stop nosebleed, but will lead to nosebleed is inhaled into the mouth and respiratory tract. The correct way is to pinch both sides of the nose with fingers for 4 ~ 8 minutes, or use the cotton ball soaked in ice water to fill the nasal cavity oppression hemostasis. If these methods do not stop bleeding, you should seek medical attention immediately.




Mild drunkenness, can let its drink strong tea diuretic, accelerate the excretion of alcohol. Serious drunkard, can let its drink vinegar, with the finger oppression of its tongue to vomit, in order to reduce the absorption of alcohol. If the above treatment effect is not obvious, should be sent to the hospital.




People with moderate to moderate heatstroke should be quickly moved to a cool and ventilated place to rest, remove or untie clothes, and wipe the body with a cold towel to quickly lower the body temperature. Can let the heatstroke drink some cool salt water, cool salty drinks. If the patient appears confused, convulsions, should be immediately sent to the hospital.




When summer goes out, should do a good job of protection, for instance put on the skin sunblock, hold sunshade. When the skin is basked in by hot sun red appear redness, ache, usable cold towel apply is at affected place, appropriate besmear a few moist frost. If the skin has blisters, do not pick, should be treated by a doctor to avoid secondary infection.


Bee stings


In case of bee stings, carefully remove the remaining stings, gently squeeze the wound, squeeze out the venom, and apply a little ammonia or soda. If stung by wasps, acetic acid should be applied to neutralize the venom. A cold compress can relieve the swelling. If nausea, dizziness and other abnormal reactions occur, you should go to the hospital immediately.


Trauma bleeding


① Small or superficial wounds should be washed with cold boiled water or clean tap water, but do not remove the clotted blood clots.

② When there is a glass piece, a knife and other foreign bodies inserted into the wound, do not touch, press and pull out, can be squeezed on both sides of the edge, with disinfection gauze, bandage, immediately go to the hospital for treatment.

③ Collision, hit the injury, subcutaneous bleeding, swelling and pain, can be covered in the wound disinfection gauze or clean towel, with an ice pack for half an hour, then pressure dressing, in order to reduce pain and swelling. Seriously injured people should go to hospital.

(4) If there is bleeding in the wound, clean towels or sterile gauze can be used to cover the wound, and pressure for 10 ~ 20 minutes to stop bleeding, and then use the bandage to compress the bandage, and then go to the hospital to deal with the bleeding.


First aid




Once a burn occurs, it should be immediately washed or applied with cold water to the burned area for about 15 minutes to ease the pain and reduce the degree of scalding. Do not apply medicine to the wound without authorization, but not with soy sauce, vegetable oil and other soil method to deal with the wound. If there are blisters in the scald, do not pick, can be covered with clean gauze, go to the hospital.




After determining the fracture, the injured limb (finger) must be fixed and then sent to the hospital, otherwise the abnormal activity of the broken end of the fracture will aggravate the injury. Can adjust measures to local conditions with wooden boards, wooden sticks, branches, bamboo, magazines, etc. as a fixed temporary splint. In the absence of such materials, the upper limbs can be fixed to the torso and the lower limbs to the contralateral healthy limb.




Until an ambulance arrives, keep the patient’s head to one side to prevent choking on the vomit. Then, find a metal spoon or toothbrush, such as a non-breakable object, and put it between his upper and lower teeth to prevent tongue bite. For adults, it’s best to wrap a towel or handkerchief over something hard to avoid biting teeth.


Ankle sprain


After ankle sprain, do not continue to walk, also do not rub, turn the injured joint, so as not to further aggravate the injury. Should immediately use cold towel or ice compress affected area, advantageous detumorific, pain relief, alleviate muscle spasm. After 24 hours can be changed to heat. If internal bleeding is suspected, it is best to apply pressure with an elastic bandage, but not too tight, so as not to interfere with blood circulation below the bandaging site. If a fracture is suspected, it is best to secure the injured ankle with a splint or a nearby stick and seek medical attention as soon as possible.


Cardiac arrest (chest compressions)


The patient lies down on a hard bed or flat ground, unbuttoned, and the rescuer places the palm of one hand on the lower third of the sternum, with the other hand folded on the back of the hand. The rescuer’s arms remain vertical and the weight of the upper body continues to press down at a frequency of about 70 times per minute. When pressing, the force should be moderate, with each press to make the sternum subsidence 3 ~ 5 centimeters for degrees. Be careful not to leave the palm of your hand at all times.


get an electric shock


When someone is electrocuted, find the power switch as soon as possible and cut off the power supply is the top priority. If you can’t find a power supply, find a nearby insulated object, such as a stick or plastic pipe, and open the contact between the person being electrocuted and the power supply. Then check the person’s reaction. If there is no heartbeat or breathing, the patient should be given mouth-to-mouth breathing and chest compressions immediately and have someone call emergency services.


In addition, when an accident occurs, if you do not have medical first aid supplies, you will miss the opportunity of first aid. Actually, want to open brains only, can adjust measures to local conditions completely. Here are some tricks you can try.


1, stockings: can be used as a bandage in emergency treatment.


2, tie: in fracture, can be fixed splint or used as a tourniquet.


3, clean bath towel: can be used as triangle towel or thick dressing.


4, handkerchief, towel: fully iron with electric iron or in the wet situation with microwave oven high fire disinfection, can be used for disinfection dressing.


5, magazine, ruler, thick wrapping paper, umbrella, cane: in fracture can be used as splint. 6. Plastic wrap: after removing several circles of the surface, it can be directly covered on the broken wound surface to play a temporary protective role. The plastic wrap can also play a similar role.

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