How to deal with oil burns

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In daily life, many people have the experience of being scalded by hot oil when cooking, especially novices in the kitchen. After being scalded by oil, it will also be red, swollen and painful, and some will blister, which makes people don’t know how to relieve it. So, what about being scalded by hot oil? Let’s look at the emergency measures described below.


1、 How to deal with burns from hot oil:


1,If the hand or arm is scalded in a small area, wash the scalded area with cold water immediately, and then soak the hand or arm in cold water for half an hour (the water temperature should be 5 ℃ to 10 ℃).


2,However, if the wound is blistered or broken, do not soak it, because the blistered or broken wound is prone to infection when soaked in cold water.


3,After soaking, gently wipe the dry wound, disinfect it with alcohol or iodophor, and then apply safflower oil or toothpaste on the wound.


4,Disinfect every day, and apply safflower oil or toothpaste twice a day. Scalds can be cured in about a week; In case of blistering or wound rupture, the wound shall be bandaged in time after disinfection to prevent infection.


5,If the face is scalded, gently wipe off the oil with a cotton cloth, and then apply it with a cold towel. Then disinfect the wound, mix it with egg white and honey and apply it on the injured part, which can play an anti-inflammatory and analgesic role.


6,If the blister or wound has ruptured, go to the hospital for treatment in time, because the facial skin is sensitive. If the blister or wound ruptures, it is easy to leave scars, so try to avoid scars, so you need to go to the hospital in time to listen to the doctor’s guidance for relevant treatment.


7,If the scald area is large or the wound is deep, call 120 emergency number in time and go to the hospital for treatment in time, because the longer the delay, the greater the risk of infection, and if the wound is not treated in time, the possibility of leaving scars will increase. If the burn reaches grade II or above and the area is large, surgical treatment is also required.


8,If you want to recover as soon as possible after scald, you need to pay attention to diet. It’s best not to eat spicy and irritating food, such as pepper. It’s best to quit smoking and drinking, and it’s best not to eat ginger and soy sauce. In addition, it’s best not to eat greasy food. Eating greasy food is easy to leave scars.


How to deal with oil burns


2、 If it is a slight scald, you can try the following folk prescription:


1,Gently apply light salt water to the burned area to reduce inflammation.


2,Apply honey, lard, dog oil and ginger juice to the injured area.


3,With egg white, cooked honey or sesame oil, mix well and apply it to the injured area, which has the effect of anti-inflammatory and analgesic.


4,Cut some raw pears and stick them on the scalded area. It has the effect of astringent and analgesic.


5,For mild scald, dry and waste tea residue can be roasted on the fire, slightly scorched, ground into fine, mixed with vegetable oil to make a paste, and painted on the injured part, which can reduce swelling and relieve pain.


6,After hand and foot skin burns, immediately pour alcohol into the basin or bucket, and immerse all the injured parts in alcohol to relieve pain, eliminate redness and prevent blistering. If soaked for 1 ~ 2 hours, the scalded skin can gradually return to normal.


7, if the wound is not easily soaked, use a piece of cotton wool to soak in the Baijiu, remove it and apply it to the wound, and pour it on the cotton wool at any time to prevent dryness. Good results can also be obtained after a few hours.


8,After the skin is scalded by oil or boiling water, you can apply essential balm, safflower oil or vegetable oil (such as sesame oil) directly to the injured surface. If the skin is not broken, you can relieve pain in 5 minutes.


9,Apply aureomycin eye ointment to the wound, which can reduce swelling and relieve pain after a few minutes.


10,After mild scald, soak the injured part in kerosene immediately. After a few minutes, it can relieve pain, reduce swelling and prevent blistering.


After reading the above introduction, now you know what to do if you are scalded by oil. It’s best to know these methods in advance so as not to be needed.

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