How to escape an earthquake

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Nepal earthquake, Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu earthquake, Ya ‘an earthquake, in recent years, the word earthquake has been in our ears more and more frequently, so that some people joke that the earth has been tuned to “vibration mode.” In the face of the sudden earthquake how should we survive in the earthquake?


Ok, now let’s suppose that you are sitting at home playing cards or watching TV leisurely, suddenly, you feel a violent shaking of the earth, you in the first time to make a accurate judgment: an earthquake. So, what do you do?


Run when you can, don’t run don’t run!


First of all, you should make an accurate judgment of the environment you are in. If you are in a building that is easy to escape to an open area, such as a rural bungalow, and the building is not strong and there is a high possibility of collapse, you should rush out as soon as possible and run to a safe open area. You have to run with determination and cleanness. Things like soft jewelry are worth money, but they have to be spent first, and medical bills aren’t cheap these days.


Second, if it is a building in the city, staying in the room is the best choice. Many examples of earthquakes at home and abroad show that in the short moment of the earthquake, when people enter or leave the building, the probability of being killed and injured is the greatest. Although the seismic strength of different buildings is different, in general, reinforced concrete houses have a certain toughness in addition to rigidity, and generally will not be completely destroyed by an earthquake. After avoiding danger for a minute, run quickly into the open, and your chances of survival are greatly improved.


Don’t believe the “Triangle of Life” rumor!


There is a widely circulated Internet belief called the “triangle of Life”, which states that one should quickly find a large, heavy object to lie down next to during an earthquake. In fact, it is a true rumor that roofs can fall on you from all directions during an earthquake. You have no idea which one is the triangle of life, and the heavy furniture you are trying to support may fall on you first due to shaking. The rumor came from The Canadian Cooper, the United Nations has issued a statement to refute the rumor, and the United States government has been under investigation for fraud and fraud and litigation.




Jump off a building? This is the stupidest choice!


Jump off a building? Absolutely the stupidest choice! Even if you are lucky enough not to be killed on the spot, falling objects from high altitude will be enough to kill you.


The earthquake has passed, do not ignite!


Thankfully, the terrible earthquake is over, the earth is calm, and you crawl out of your hiding place, filled with the happiness of surviving the disaster. Face power outages caused by a dark, you going to come out from the dou lighter pressure requisite lighting a cigarette, by the way, 1 of “bang”, the natural gas pipeline fracture leakage of natural gas is ignited by you, a fire, a farming extremely common secondary disasters after an earthquake induced by you, you not only become a heap of coke, may also bring trouble a large number of people give you temporarily.


What should you do if you get stuck?


If you are buried under debris, the first thing you need to do is to quickly calm down and establish a positive attitude. Any negative or even self-destructive hysteria is the enemy of survival. Dear, come on, in order to let the people who love you not sad, in order to let the people who hate you not happy, brave to stick to it. Don’t laugh. When you are trapped, think about it. It will keep you going until the rescuers come to you.


Secondly, if your clothes or part of your body is jammed, do not rush to break away violently. You need to calm down and figure out the support structure first. If the support is very weak, your violent pull may cause the whole space to collapse, which will destroy your chances of survival in an instant.


In addition, if the smell of gas or dust is very serious, you can wet clothes and cover your nose and mouth. If water is unavailable or limited, use urine instead. If the wound has active bleeding, tear clothing into strips and apply pressure to stop bleeding.


After your safety has been assured, try to conserve your energy for as long as possible. Don’t scream for help. Doing so wastes energy when rescuers haven’t arrived.


Turn on your cell phone, and if you get a signal, congratulations, your chances of being rescued have greatly increased. Don’t be too disappointed if your phone doesn’t have a signal, as it’s not uncommon for earthquakes to disrupt the signal. You can turn your phone off to avoid excessive battery drain, and turn it on every six or seven hours so you can contact the outside world as soon as the communication system is repaired. When you see or hear the arrival of rescue personnel, immediately through the tapping and other ways to communicate the signal to the outside for help.


The last


In the face of the power of heaven and earth, human power is small, but even so, knowledge and wisdom will greatly increase our chances of survival in the face of natural disasters. Finally, I sincerely hope that all of you will not need to use this knowledge in your life, but also hope that you remember this, maybe, one day this knowledge will save your life.

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